Helping People with a "Pay It Forward" option

Hi, I'm Paul from Spain, 

Originally from the UK but decided to have a life and lifestyle change and move to Spain making our holiday home our permanent one after my partner and I both lost our jobs in October 2015 due to a company downsizing after losing it's biggest client, when you are in your mid to late 50's, it's not easy getting a new job, plus my partner was recovering from cancer so it made sense for us to move to Spain as our place is right on the beach facing the sea in Torrevieja, it couldn't be a more relaxed place to live and work from.

I have been involved in Network Marketing on and off for 30 years and love helping people so it was time to go (Back to the Future) I always had better times when Networking rather than our previous businesses Classic & Vintage Car Sales which had many overheads and usually involve holding or paying for stock. Now I've kept our lives simple, I see future incomes Online, I promote a Digital Education product where people pay a One time $18 -16€ - £14 to get involved, no monthly fees. This company have been going since 2012 and have a debit card so no processor issues either, but the reality is most people are not born recruiters, they get started and can often run out of their short list of contacts who they would like to work with.

What I decided to do was offer a "Pay It Forward" option, our marketing plan is based on finding just four members who duplicate, the Formula 36 system I recommend will show you by just helping two people, you will not only get your 4, but many more besides through natural spillover giving you weekly income and more importantly, a residual income to cover any ongoing car, house and lifestyle payments you have. 

There are many opportunities online, but for $18 one time, coupled with our Formula 36 "Pay It Forward" system, we can really help people who have never made money online before make it this time.

Some would think that an $18 business couldn't produce good income, the reverse is true, because it's only $18 one time, this attracts the masses and there are many people withdrawing $500-$1000 weekly on their company issued debit cards.

This link explains how Formula 36 works with our particular programme, it will work with any programme but most would cost too much in order to help people, for us it's only $36 - 33€ - £25 hence the name Formula 36. And, it's optional if you want to build a team faster.

I have seen many companies come and go, what I am doing now is affordable to anyone, even without being involved in the "Pay It Forward" option. For $18, folks can get started and learn through the excellent Educational products we receive how to develop a good solid home based income without any risk.

We decided for us to keep it simple, no conference calls, webinars, meetings, 3 way calls etc, we don't need them here, we just show the Formula 36 video, the numbers explain everything, and offer a good solution.

"You Get Two - We Pay for You"!  The system and business to go hand in hand. 

This gives us time freedom to do what we want, which is earn "Beach Money" so we can walk on our local beach daily and enjoy the sights that Spain has to offer.

Thank you for reading this and we hope we can help you have your Best Year Ever.

Paul & Linda

This article was published on 23.02.2016 by Paul Angus
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