This is your time! Money, opportunities and possibilities have not left the planet. This is the time that you have to think on your feet. This is the time that you have to become relentless, unstoppable and carve out a place for yourself. Today you have to run, just to stand still. Today you have to look ahead and anticipate things. Expect the unexpected and handle it. This is your time! You must become focused, disciplined, consistent and unstoppable. Develop collaborative, achievement driven, productive relationships that will help you to work on your breakthrough. You have the power, ability and talent to create a new beginning. This is your time. Make it happen. You have something special. You have GREATNESS within you!Surround yourself with a community of achievers. These are not necessarily the people who have achieved much in life, but these are people who have goals, people who have a vision. These people do not have time to moan and groan. They are pursuing something that is bigger than themselves. They strategically choose their focus. These are people who have an attitude of No Matter What! They have a big WHY which continuously drive them. Surround yourself with these people.You have the power to heal your bounce back from get another open and own your get out of create a new path for stretch beyond what is safe, familiar and comfortable. You have the power within do more, love more, live more expansively and to learn much more than you do now. Believe and know that you have the power!! You have GREATNESS within you!It is not every time that we are going to be successful in the first instance at whatever that we are going to do. Failure is inevitable, and so is victory. The difference is the decision not to give up. Great people are failures who refused to give up. Give yourself and your vision a chance. The fact that you have failed in a certain area, does not make you a failure. You become a failure the moment you choose to give up. Instead of dismissing your vision or your dream, embrace it and rise with even greater zeal and determination. It’s not over until you win! Do not make failure your permanent address. I am challenging you to rise up and move on! Have a victorious day. Affirmation I am winner.  Greatness is a part of me. I refuse to stay of my failures. I choose to pursue my dreams even in the midst of difficulties. 
This article was published on 31.01.2016 by Danny Mulenga
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