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LegalShield ~ Previously known as Prepaid Legal is one of the best ideas and Businesses going today! There was a man of compassion for people and his country and he started Prepaid Legal and enjoyed the fruits of his labor for over 40 years but passed 2 years ago leaving his legacy for others to benefit and prosper... RIP Mr Stonecipher!

I chose LegalShield because knowing my Rights is important to me and it keeps my family protected and my disabled son who is also covered! I really don't like the fact that Attorney's, maybe some but more than likely, most of them take advantage of their clients. I'm one of them and I've never gotten a fair deal until I got involved with LegalShield. Attorneys outside charge 33 and 1/3% of whatever your settlement is but believe me, it will total out to be up to 50% or more once they add on every nickel and dime for things that I think should be included! Is it just me? Can you tell why I'm an advocate for fair and affordable legal services? I can imagine what others have gone through and got an unfair deal in the end and not having a choice due to not having any other options, and I'm sure they needed their money, like I did. With LegalShield you have an option and a fair one, with attorney firms who have that compassion Mr Stoncipher had! Our Attorneys are paid up front and your small monthly fee for an Individual Plan is $17.95 a month and $9.95 if you choose IDShield. If you need a court Attorney, fees are at a 25% discount. Who wouldn't want to choose LegalShield?!?! I'hism sold...

There's so much more and the MemberPerks are #1 in my book too. You have to see it to believe it.

If you don't see the many post on a daily basis, I wouldn't know or believe the many ways of idenity theft that's going on these days. Social Security breach, recently, United States Post Office, recently, Medical recently and some how they manage to get Children's Social Security numbers and it goes on and on.

A few of the Plans offered and all are protected 24/7, 365

Network Marketers Plan-New

*Individual Plan~LivingWill

*Family Plan-LivingWill

*IDShield Plan

*Business Plan

*CDLP Legal Plan

*Teacher/School Employee Plan

*Law Officers Plan

*Foster Parents Plan

*Realtor Plan


This article was published on 20.05.2016 by Paige Houston
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