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Introducing TOX OUT+ World’s First "Cigarettes Detoxifier"

Cigarette shaped, patented invention, TOX OUT+ is the world’s first product that reduces the amount of toxic chemicals in your cigarettes when placed in your cigarette pack. TOX OUT+ has the ability to draw toxins out from tobacco by locking them up.


✓ Doesn’t change the Taste of Your Cigarettes

✓ 100% Natural and Organic

✓ Has No Side-Effects

✓ Works on up to 1,500 Cigarettes

✓ Is Really Easy to Use

The product:

The Patented TOX OUT+ cartridge functions like a vacuum cleaner; it ’sucks’ the harmful chemicals from your cigarettes. The chemicals then become attached to TOX OUT+ and are trapped inside the cartridge, just like the dust in the vacuum bag.

TOX OUT+ has the ability to draw toxins and poisonous compounds out from tobacco, including radioactive particles, by locking them up, and countering their noxious effect.

Each TOX OUT+ cartridge contains a patented formula of minerals enhanced by a solution of hyper accumulator plants that reduces the amount of poisonous chemicals in your cigarette. And, what’s amazing is that there are zero side-effects to using this product and importantly it doesn’t change the taste of your cigarettes.

TOX OUT+ is 100% natural, organic and completely non-toxic.

How does it work?

TOX OUT+ works on your cigarettes not on you! It will not cause any side effects because it is not ingested or applied on your skin. The patented blend of minerals in each TOX OUT+ cartridge extracts the harmful chemicals through a special process when in close proximity to tobacco. The longer the cigarette is near TOX OUT+, the less dangerous chemicals it will contain.

All you have to do is place the TOX OUT+ cartridge inside your cigarette pack and TOX OUT+ will work just like a vacuum cleaner; as in, it ‘ sucks’ the deadly chemicals from tobacco. TOX OUT+ works by attracting and trapping the harmful chemicals of the cigarette inside the cartridge, just like the dust in a vacuum cleaner bag.

Each TOX OUT+ cartridge can work on numerous packs of cigarettes, depending on factors such as humidity and air-tightness of the cigarette packs and the brand of cigarettes. Rather than quitting cigarettes outright now smokers can take a delicious whiff of their favorite cigarette brand and smoke safer.

How to use TOX OUT+?

TOX OUT+ is very easy to use. Simply place one TOX OUT+ cartridge in your pack of cigarette. Close the pack and let TOX OUT+ act for at least 3 hours before smoking.

If you want to test your TOX OUT+, smell it after it has been in the pack for only 30 minutes. You’ll be surprised at how quickly it starts to work.

For maximum effectiveness, we recommend placing a second TOX OUT+ in the pack of cigarettes you intend to smoke next.

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The TOX OUT+ Team

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