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I have found a company that I have been able to ditch my medicine cabinet with. I joined this company with the intention to get my family healthier and that is exactly what I was able to accomplish. I started with one drop of oil! I have used countless drops since and have been able to recognize an absolute difference in our overall health. It is much better than before. We are able to stop things before they become an issue. 

After I joined as a Wellness Advocate with no intentions of pursuing the business side, I realized that it would be a disservice to my family and friends to not share this with them, so I did. I began sharing and some were interested and some were not. I also found the desire to share with the world and I began finding different ways like this outlet here to share. I have been very satisfied with my products and want nothing more than to help the world experience the positive effects of oils.

An essential oil is an oil found naturally in the environment and is distilled from different areas of a plant. It is much more potent as it takes more of the product to make one drop. When used it can reach your cells by using aromatically (either putting one drop in the palm of your hand rubbing them together cupping over your nose and inhaling, or diffusing in a diffuser), topically (rubbing on the bottoms of the feet and the spine or on the site), internally (taking a few drops in water or a few drops in a veggie capsule). The oils are able to put our bodies in a place where it is able to operate just as it was intended to.

I'd love for all to ditch their medicine cabinets. To start with the basics if you do not have any pressing health issues I would start with a Home Essentials kit. You would be able to have basic care and able to share with others the benefits of a drop of oil. I would also purchase a book called The Essential Life. This book is amazing and will give you the details on which oils you will be able to use for which ailment you might be experiencing. It will tell you how to use the oil whether it be aromatically, topically, or internally.

This article was published on 15.08.2016 by Myriam Borrayo
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