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When you have a All in One type of platform for marketers you want it to be simple and great. I have joined many such opportunities before. Never have I seen something as easy as this one. Not only that, This system will take your referrals by the hand and teach them what to do. Even if they just do step one, they will already have an autopilot marketing system setup , just like that. In fact, this system is setup in stages. The entire first stage is setup in a way that you can Set and Forget your ads based on the suggested programs. Many have what is called lifetime banner ads. This enables you to place your ad and it gets shown then for the life of that website. You could literally setup stage one and then walk away and you would be advertising daily without doing anything else. How cool is that! Most or all of these programs also have OTO offers that are just 1 time payments for some kind of Lifetime Upgrade. You can simply use the free advertising or choose one of the upgrades. If you choose the upgrade then you normally get additional ads and higher commissions. Some people like to go "all in" and just take the top offer at all of them which is great if you can do that. I personally upgrade in most of them depending on the offers. The way I do it is choose the higher level upgrades for sites that are on the top of the list because I figure that most people will at least check out the first 3 or 4 links. So, I make sure I have high upgrades there so I get the good commissions. Then as I go down the list, I still upgrade if the offer is good , but I may not take the top of the line upgrades on the lower part of the list. The owner of the program has designed it so that even a novice can use this. His videos are top notch at explaining everything on the site and there are tons of promotional materials you can use. Here is something else incredible. You can be a free member, or you can upgrade to get even more features. The upgrades are ridiculously low priced. There is one for $1.35 and one for $19 that's it!  Lifetime for those prices. Of course I took both for those prices. If this sounds like anything you might be interested in feel free to check the link. Thanks. Click Here
This article was published on 08.07.2016 by Mike Cosma
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