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URGENT MESSAGE for ALL MLM-ers and ALL Network Marketers!!!

Hello to you ALL!

Good DAY...Good AFTERNOON or Good EVENING...whichever the case may be wherever you ARE in this big wide World of ours...I welcome you ALL and I encourage you all to "stick with me" and study this article, my own Personal presentation of what I believe to be a wonderful opportunity to earn an income from what is more and more often (especially since "Covid-19") being referred to as a "Work From Home" (W.F.H.) opportunity!

I am about to present to you ALL...what is basically the proverbial "Golden Opportunity" to make a substantial income from the comfort of your own home, via your connection to the WWW...the "World Wide Web"...otherwise known as "The Internet"!

My E.S.P., my "intuition" now telling me that a lot of you good People reading my above introduction, are "raising your eyebrows"...maybe even rocking your head from side-to-side (left-to-right) and also "rolling your eyes" and saying to yourselves:

"Yeah-yeah...YEAH...we've heard all THAT before!"

And GUESS WHAT:  I know that you are are CORRECT!  You certainly HAVE 'heard that before' and many times in the past (as I myself have done!!!) have probably followed some Internet Marketing advertisement...for some "Internet Marketing/Make Money Online" course/system/product promoted  by some so-called "I.M. GURU"...only to find that "IT" did not work..."IT" did not earn you any income whatsoever...RIGHT?

My name is David William Mahoney...I live in Melbourne, Australia and I myself have "been there...done that"...MANY times in the past!

BUT, does that stop ME from continuing to look search for...those I.M./M.M.O. products that DO actually WORK? NO it doesn't! What those PAST failures/mistakes DO for cause me to become more "critical" of CERTAIN 'Gurus'...learning to AVOID any and all of THEIR promoted I.M./M.M.O. products, courses and systems...and over time gaining knowledge of those 'Gurus' (for want of a better term!) who actually CAN be trusted...who DO promote worthwhile I.M./M.M.O. products/courses/systems and thereby becoming much more discerning MYSELF and confident in my ability to "home in" on opportunities that DO represent that elusive 'Golden Opportunity' to FINALLY start earning an income from the comfort of my own home!!!

THIS article from ME right now, is all about ONE such 'Golden Opportunity'...

So...EVERYBODY...who would like to EARN MONEY ONLINE (via the Internet!)...LISTEN UP...please pay close attention to what I say in this totally OPEN-minded...and I am 100% certain you will ultimately be glad that you DID 'pay attention'!

I have uploaded several videos about this wonderful new Internet Marketing/Make Money Online (whilst "Working From Home") opportunity that is an absolute absolute "NO-BRAINER" that you ALL should join and if you DON'T join up after you finish reading (studying!) this post from me and have closely scrutinised the detailed information provided in my two "links" below...then all I can say is:

"YOU HAVE ROCKS IN YOUR HEAD!!!" (I will explain WHY I say that...further down this post...   ;-)   L.O.L.)

You simply MUST have, because this is...truly IS...a "Golden Opportunity" to have your very own website, of the highest quality...that has the potential to provide you with an ongoing...long-term...INCOME...which may start off at a fairly small daily/weekly amount...but given time it ALSO has real potential to give you a "Job Replacing" income...indeed a "Life Changing" income...that could very well "guarantee you" financial security for the rest of your life and I am very serious about that assertion!!!

NOW...about that "Rocks In Your Head"'s a simple explanation:

(P.S. The 'Rocks In Your Head' comment was NOT made to offend any of you...simply just to get you all to at least open your eyes and to at least pay attention to what I have to say to you...that is all!)

1). To buy into the "Onpassive" system, it costs a relatively "miniscule" amount of just $97 USD (United States Dollars). Pay that amount...less than a "meal for two at a cheap restaurant"...and you become a "Founder" within the "Onpassive (O-Founders)" Internet Marketing/Make Money Online system!

2). That entry-level fee comes with a GUARANTEED "Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee", so if at any time in the foreseeable decide that "it is not for you" and you want to pull out...withdraw from the simply SAY SO...and your $97 USD will be refunded!!!

In other words: "YOU LITERALLY HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE" by investing that small amount of just $97 USD and it really this day and age...a relatively 'small amount' to have to pay order to "stake YOUR claim" and be guaranteed a "Founding Position" in what is most likely going to become one of the very BEST online Internet Marketing opportunities of this decade...if not even the millennium!

Let me assert that if you are NOT willing to "spend" just $97 USD to get in with a "Founders" position in Onpassive/O-Founders (that comes with that 'Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee')...then...your negativity and skepticism just "blows me away" and I feel very sorry that you are this way and cannot get PAST that 'negativity and skepticism', as it is a very REAL BARRIER to potentially greater financial success in life than you may otherwise ever have...via any other really IS!!!

I strongly URGE you to, as "NIKE" says..."Just Do It!" Take that supposed "risk" and JUMP IN...get into the "Onpassive/O-Founders" ingenious system...BEFORE the Official Launch Date, which is "just around the corner" and is expected to happen within the next couple of months of June/July 2022...if not sooner!?

I will leave this with you now and all I can say to you is that I sincerely HOPE that you are willing to simply "take a leap of faith" (as I have done!) and JOIN 'Onpassive/O-Founders' via either of the two links below that I have provided for that relatively small amount of $97 USD...and "get onboard" (you can THANK ME later!!!).

You may like to consider THIS fact: You can buy MULTIPLE "Founder" positions, as I have done (14 positions so far at that entry fee of $97 USD), as I have so much faith in the People behind Onpassive...the hundreds of Staff employed in both Miami, Florida USA and Hyderabad, India!

Consider ALSO, that EACH ONE of those 'Founder' positions you DO yet another "income generation" website that you will own, that is automatically created AND managed FOR the Human Staff and the A.I. (Artificial Intelligence "Staff") that are the Managers behind this very unique..."state of the art" system!!!

Oh, by the may be interested to know that so far (to date: May 25th, 2022) there are now a total of 1,316,726 "Founders" within this fantastic program...I am of course ONE of them and I sincerely HOPE that very, very soon...YOU will be one of us ALSO!!!

Last but by no means least: If you feel like corresponding with me by eMail, then by all means please do so at:

Here now are two "links" for you to follow:

1). This link takes you to a web-page with DETAILED information on Onpassive (O-Founders) and there is      an invitation to join MY Team and "Become a Founder". Click ON that green-coloured 'Become a Founder' icon and you will then be taken to MY Private Invitation page, from where you can then sign-up and join with me and the 1,316,725 others and BECOME a 'Founding Member' in this great opportunity!!!

2). THIS link takes you to a very BRIEF comment on what this I.M./M.M.O. system IS and points out the fact that "TIME IS FAST RUNNING OUT" to become a 'Founding Member' of Onpassive (O-Founders) my honest advice to you...ALL of 'you' get in that relatively small amount of just $97-00 USD, remembering that you get a 100% Lifetime Money-Back-Guarantee...should you ask for a any time in the foreseeable future, from the day you purchase! You really DO NOT have anything to lose, by taking ACTION and becoming a "Founder"...right! Here is that 2nd link:

Best Wishes from ME to YOU (and Yours!).

Regards: DAVID MAHONEY (Melbourne, Australia).

This article was published on 25.05.2022 by David Mahoney
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David Mahoney For those of you who ARE interested...within the next 24 hours I will be posting a few MORE links here to VIDEOS that clearly demonstrate Onpassive (O-Founders) and how DETAILED an  1 month ago
David Mahoney PLEASE NOTE: The last day of founding positions will be announced next Wednesday, June 1st on ONPASSIVE 360. You are seriously running out of time to get in on this opportunity!!!  1 month ago

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