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In Helping Hands International we are building leaders who are taking charge of their future. 

All over Nigeria today, emphasis is laid on entrepreneurship and raising of money for starters. Amazingly, this is the core value of helping hands International. 

Entrepreneurial career opportunities come in many forms, whether you want to start your own company, work for a start-up, find an entrepreneurial opportunity within a larger company, or go into related areas, such as venture capital or social entrepreneurship.

Helping Hands International offer YOU 3 packages: 

1. An opportunity to donate for humanitarian work. 

2. An opportunity to be skilled in a particular HAND WORK or TRADE so that YOU can be independent. 

3. An opportunity to generate the Income needed to kick start the skill you have learnt by taking part in the biz (networking). This 3rd package is so awesome in that you generate the fund needed to start a biz of your choice. Also as you follow our REWARD PLAN, you find out that virtually all of your needs are met through the incentives package in the various stages of the Reward Plan. 

These incentives are: 

STAGE 1 earnings in dollars ($26/$58) To realize your capital

STAGE 2...You earn a total of of $1000 + ipad/ laptop + Glo CUG line. 

STAGE 3...You earn a total of $3000 + Hyundai Elentra Car (BRAND NEW) + Empowerment for 2 People of Your Choice by giving them $1000 each. 

STAGE4.....You Earn a total of $6000 + ix35 jeep + biz support grant($12,000) + empowerment for any orphanage of your choice. 

STAGE 5... You Earn a total of $12,000 + house Fund($40,000) + scholarship for your child + FREE vacation abroad + biz support grant. Etc

With all these packages what else could one search for?

Helping hands is so complete. If you understand this vision you will pursue it with all thy might, knowing that all of your dreams could come true. It's just a question of time.

The time will pass any ways if you do nothing. But you would be glad if you take steps And ACT!

LEGACY: Again you have opportunity to empower a person who is not even doing the biz with you, it's another way of GIVING BACK to your community.

Please take this vision serious. Politicians and church leaders can use it to Empower their people. Students can use this platform to change theirs lives, Earn to fund Their Education, Build or Establish their Business Ideas and Live responsibly, becoming entrepreneurs even before graduating. Civil servants can use it as a plan B. More so when they retire they can boast of their plan B. Their finances status can still be good after retirement. A biz man can use it as another source of income as they might be affected by one Government policy or the other. Also there are days their biz may not blossom. So helping hands becomes another source of income. 

HOW: The most beautiful thing is the fact that you get just 2 people on board. As the 2people equally duplicate themselves by referring 2persons each you will find out that u have magnetized several people into your business directly or indirectly and all of them contributing 1% of their efforts to your success. What a feeling of freedom. Embrace H2i today. Run with the reward plan and fly with the vision and the world will hear of your story. 

I am deeply committed to success! 

CALL/WHATSAPP/: 08073601873

This article was published on 09.09.2016 by Osemwegie Oghosa
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