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Get upto 20% more MPG and earn from your down-line from $24.99+p&p a month

Hi, are you looking for a way to save money on the ever increasing cost of fuel and at the same time earn your own rewards or introducing others?

Well I've recently joined a new opportunity with Govvi Fuel Boost and since its launch in June the results have been amazing, with users reporting an increase of up to 20% on the number of miles they are getting from each tank of fuel AND a noticeable improvement in engine power!!!

The Govvi fuel tablets work by breaking down the long fuel chains into smaller ones, this allows the fuel to burn at a lower temperature as well as leading to a more complete burn of the fuel which leads to less harmful emissions being released through the exhaust and a reduction in carbon build up within the engine whilst at the same time removing previous carbon build up. It's also been noticed that those using diesel engines are seeing a reduction in the amount of DEX fluid (Adblue) that they are having to use.

The tablets can be used in both petrol and diesel vehicles, such as:


Farm machinery


Garden equipment

Backup Power generators

Basically anything that needs petrol/gasoline or diesel to run.

You can become a promoter by starting a subscription and ticking the "become a promoter" box on the payment page (if you subscribe to the cheapest package at $24.99 + postage, you will be asked to make an extra payment of $20 a year, payable after 12 months.... so you'll only pay if you continue to be a promoter)

In addition to earning through your down-line subscriptions you'll also earn every time someone purchases a package using your link without them having to become a promoter themselves.

With an easy to navigate back office as well as an amazing online community where you can find great advice and marketing materials you'll find all the help you need to grow at a speed that suits you.

So if you would like to increase the mileage you can get from each tank of fuel while at the same time reducing the harmful emissions and increase your engine power either send me a message or visit the site.

I hope to hear from you soon


This article was published on 25.07.2022 by Keith Holmes
Author's business opportunity:

Govvi Fuel Boost - Fuel Catalyst Tablet, 44.3 USD to join
If you're looking for an opportunity to build an additional income and at the same time reduce your fuel costs (if you drive) I'd love to introduce you to a new fuel catalyst that has just hit the market and help you get in on the ground level.

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