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With the way the economy is today, many more people are looking for a way to either replace or boost their income by making money online. 

Affiliate Marketing is the best long-term strategy for building a sustainable, long-term business. 

But it's a minefield for beginners and even those more experienced with online and digital marketing. 

Courses of varying quality come and go with depressing regularity and finding quality mentors and coaches is not easy. Many times students are left high-and-dry when they really need help. Or there's an endless succession of required "upgrades" that simply drain their wallet. 

One of the main reasons that people fail at or quit affiliate marketing is because they have unrealistic expectations about how fast they can make money online.

That's typically down to inappropriate and unscrupulous marketing that sells them on the idea that they can make fast money online with little effort. 

Building a business online is like building an offline business - it takes time, investment, commitment and energy to create  - but building an online business takes less time and requires a lot less up-front costs. 

Slow and steady wins the race in affiliate marketing – people need to recognize that they are building a real business here.

It’s not a sprint to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Far too many people have been suckered into that way of thinking by unscrupulous marketers.

Quality mentors won't try to scam people into buying their courses. They will actually vet people to make sure their goals align with the program and that they're a good fit for it.

And once someone is accepted, the mentor will do everything in their power to get that new student to succeed. 

But the student has to do the work and put in the time. And some people just are not willing to do that. All they want is a quick fix and access to that hidden ATM that's hidden somewhere on the internet. Hint: it doesn't exist.

So they end up buying course after course and never give any one of them enough time to see success. They don't have a mentor to help them and they don't have the framework for building a business so they will always fail.

It's a mindset thing. All the best mentors provide mindset training because how people think has a huge influence on how they deal with their expectations, successes and failures.

Affiliate Marketing Circle aims to change that by helping people to find quality information that's targeted to their particular level of experience whether they're a beginner, intermediate or advanced marketer. 

Anyone who joins (it's free)  will get access to video training on affiliate marketing and building an online business, along with news, product reviews, discounts, freebies and advice about Internet & Affiliate Marketing and List Building/Email Marketing.

This article was published on 18.11.2022 by Gary Nugent
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