I Love To Give Away Money - Is This YOU?


This topic is about illegal and scammy online opportunities that really burn my behind and frustrate me beyond comprehension. Be ready for a wild ride because it’s about to get real. I’m going to lay it out. I’m going to wake a few people up and I’m going to upset a lot of people because this information is going to affect a lot of people who PREY on people like you.

This topic is important to me for two reasons.

  1. Millions of people every day give away or lose their hard earned money in online programs that are illegal, yet alive and well using loopholes to appear legal.
  2. People in these opportunities “think” they are in network marketing. They struggle and fail, and will blame the network marketing industry for failing, when what they were doing had nothing to do with network marketing.

To each his own on how they spend their money, but when you’re working online to build a business in the “realm” of the network marketing space, don’t play the victim card when things don’t go as planned and don’t blame the network marketing industry for what happens to you, good or bad. If you’re doing great, it's because you’re doing things to be great. If you’re continually failing, it's most likely because you’re not putting the right actions in place and you're not educating yourself on how to be better. If you fail, if you quit, and if you lose your money, which the mass majority do, please do not blame the network marketing industry. Blame the person in the mirror because your success and your failures have everything to do with you and not the industry.

It’s that ‘poor me, I’m a victim’ mentality that forces me to step in and create a training topic on how online marketing and nasty business building online can affect you adversely. As a network marketing professional, I’ve been around long enough to know the difference between a legitimate opportunity and one that is not real. I think 30+ years allows me that experience title.

As an industry leader, I feel it’s my duty to protect the network marking space when it’s slandered or blamed because of the failures of people who are NOT in network marketing, but think they are. Even for those in a legitimate company. Is it really the company's fault if you fail? Is it really the company’s fault if you’re successful?

It’s funny how when we’re successful it’s all US and our merits and nothing else, but when we fail, it’s never us. The blame game starts and it’s everything and everyone around you that caused you to fail. Pull your head out of the sand and take personal responsibility for both the good and the bad in your life. I’m also here to protect those already in an online opportunity, so they can be educated and consider getting out before they lose even more money, influence and credibility.

As you read through this, there is no doubt that you’ll be saying things like, “That’s me. I’ve been doing the same things or I’ve been blindly trusting the same people who in reality ‘never’ really focused on my success”. If that’s the case, stop wasting your time with online programs and the people who invite you to them. If you continue with these programs and these Money Chasers after you’ve read this topic, you pretty much deserve anything that happens to you. Sorry for your luck. Maybe when you’re living on the street you’ll wake up and realize that what you’re doing and the decisions you’re making are not in your best interest.

I would love to tell you that this topic will only affect a few people, but, sadly, this topic is going to affect hundreds of thousands if not millions of people around the world because there really are that many people enrolling in scammy online deals. Some know it and don’t care, some follow a friend, most are lied to, and too many are inexperienced and don’t know any better.

If you are in a cycler, a low cost or free team build, selling on eBay through a 3rd party platform, getting product discounts on an app, in a free travel deal, in rev sharing, paying for banner or text ad deals, in digital currencies, in profit shares or anything remotely close to any of those opportunities, YOU ARE NOT IN NETWORK MARKETING. You are part of an online opportunity that allows you to make a few dollars by sharing that opportunity with others. It's like trading stocks. You win some and you lose some.

There are no real products or services in most online opportunities, which means they could not be sustained with just a customer base. The life of that opportunity relies on you and other builders to keep the opportunity alive. There are no customers. Without you and other builders, that deal is done, gone, see ya, and will fade away in a matter of a few weeks or months.

None of these program last because once the leaders make their money, they move on to the next big thing, leaving you high and dry. Yes… you’ll be invited to the next deal and yes, you’ll follow them and yes, you’ll lose even more money because you like to give away money. If you didn’t, you’d stop giving your money away and those people would stop inviting you.

When a person fails, quits, or doesn’t make the money he thought he was going to make, or, better yet, earn the money someone “told” him he would earn, this person blames the industry when it’s not the fault of the industry. THIS HAS TO STOP. As professionals, we need to stop making false claims. Stop telling people they can make $3,000.00 in the next 30 days just by getting in when you haven’t made your first dollar. Stop telling people that you and your upline will build a team for them. Stop telling people that they can pay one time and make a fortune. Just stop misleading people period!!!

These online deals or programs, whatever you want to call them, are NOT network marketing opportunities and they are not MLM’s, so we need to stop including these ridiculous opportunities into the space of what network marketing is all about.

Here is something to think about. Look at all your Facebook friends, your so-called friends. You know… those people you care so much about, who you continue to follow, who you have no relationship with, and who you’ve never met. Yeah, those people. Stop following them or just say NO to the next deal and see how long it takes for you to be unfriended or ignored. If you’re not following them or helping them make money, why do they need you? They would rather spend their time on someone else who hasn’t woken up yet.

Did you know that more money is paid out to network marketers each year than all the professional athletes around the world combined? You tell me if this is a good business model or not.

Of the hundreds of training topics I’ve created, it’s this topic that bothers me and upsets me the most. It upsets me because too many good people get roped into online deals that will never pan out for them, yet, for some reason, they continue to believe in all the hype and they continue to lose money joining deal after deal to fail and fail and fail again. STOP IT!

If you’re in an online opportunity that has no tangible product or service and if your commissions are based solely on other people enrolling, you are in an illegal operation.

If you continue to chase money with these online deals, you’re committing online suicide and, unfortunately for you, you’re taking your family and friends to their financial deathbed as well. As each person follows you and fails and loses money, it’s another person who will no longer trust you, believe in you or consider you anything more than a hustler or a Money Chaser. It will be just a matter of time until YOU lose any following you worked hard to get. If losing your reputation, your influence and your credibility is worth pushing a $10.00 deal, go for it.

A Money Chaser (my own words) - is someone who works online solely to build additional income streams. Money Chasers do not care about you personally. They do not care about your circumstances. They do not care about your kids, and they have no interest in teaching you anything that will help you get what you want. For some, being online is all they do and they hustle and hustle. A Monday Chaser in my opinion is someone who chases every deal, program or opportunity he can get into “cheap” so he can turn a few dollars into a few more dollars. If you fit that description, you like to give money away, and I’ll even prove it.

You will learn very quickly how these programs are hurting you, hurting your finances, hurting your credibility, hurting your free and available family time, and hurting any influence you’ve ever had on people in your life who follow you into these deals. One after another, after another, and so on. When does it stop? When will people realize that these online opportunities are taking and not giving, and when will people learn to ignore the temptation of these programs and settle down with a legitimate and well known company?

Over a period of a few months, a Money Chaser will lose more money than he will ever make. Just like gamblers, for the most part, lose a heck of a lot more than they will ever earn. The HOUSE always wins. Ever heard that statement?

Casinos and slot machines are not designed for you to win, yet so many people continue to feed these devices, hoping for that big payout. A patron can spend $1,000.00 in a casino and win $100.00 on the last bet of the day and feel like he’s won the world. This person is out $900.00, but he is on a high for winning $100.00. This person feels like he won a million dollars and forgets that he is down $900.00. These online deals are the same way. People are “hoping” and “praying” for the big score, but never see it… and they NEVER will.

Only a lucky few ever make more than they spend in a casino and it's no different with the thousands of online programs we see today. These online programs or “deals” are not designed for you to win. They are designed for the owners and the top administrators to win. They are designed to make all the money possible off of people like you, and to milk that opportunity as long as they can while online suckers continue to feed their hard earned money into their program. You’re broke and the owners are laughing at you because you haven’t figured out yet that you’re being taken to the cleaners.

Here is a good idea. Suck at making any money in one opportunity so you can move on to another opportunity to make money because you think your chances are going to be much better over there. Guess what? You’re going to suck there too because you never fixed yourself or worked on your own personal development. YOU are always the common denominator. If you can’t build a team in Company ABC, you’re not going to turn into a superstar and build a team in Company XYZ without first learning how. Gee, it must be the industry's fault. When we do well, it’s alllllll about us. I’m the bomb. I’m amazing. I kick butt, don’t mess with me. I’m all about success and results. When we fail, it’s never because of us. It’s always going to be the fault of someone or something else. It’s a pretty sad truth.

Look at the thousands of online programs out there. Do you “really” believe these program owners are looking for long-time success? Of course not! 99.9% of them are illegal. As long as they stay small, no one with any legal power will pay any attention, but once some big money passes through, that’s when regulators, the FTC and the FCC start looking into that program.

Yes, some will make a little, some will make a lot, but the majority will not. Those who hustle the most win the most. If you’re reading this topic, you’re most likely part of the “will not” crowd. The people who do make a few bucks here and there will rarely make anything significant enough to establish a long-term or reliable residual income stream. Most people who join these online programs cannot establish a residual income. They chase deal after deal to keep the money coming in. These people hustle and hustle and once the money is in their pocket and once the income starts to slow down, they move on to the next big thing and guess who gets an invitation to follow them? You guessed it… YOU! You’ll follow this person, he will make money off you and in most cases, NEVER help you or educate you on how to duplicate or grow your business.

Money Chasers are hustlers and they are hustling YOU when they invite you to these stupid, dumb and illegal online programs. Money Chasers are looking for NOW money. They want money TODAY, whereas people in legitimate companies understand the power of leverage and delayed gratification. Money Chasers, as I said, want NOW money, whereas a network marketing professional focuses on changing lives. In doing so, he builds passive and residual income. Guess who wins in this match?

The deal of the day will be the deal of the past in a matter of a few weeks or months. This week company ABC is amazing. There’s nothing like it. It’s going viral. The payout is huge. People are making thousands on the first day. You can make $10,000.00 in your first month. It’s just $10.00 to get in. We will build your team for you, no work is required, no recruiting necessary and so on. Any of that sound familiar? How true is all that when the person who is advertising this opportunity has yet to make $1.00? This same person pitching this deal and spamming every Facebook group possible will be the same person a month later pitching a new deal with these same promises. Get away from these people.

Do you have any idea how many people you would need on your team to even generate $500.00 a month in a $10.00 program and how hard you would have to work to keep that $500.00 coming in? Go get a job already.

$10.00 can only be spread out so far in a compensation plan. Let’s say you got $0.20 per person on your team. For you to bring in $500.00 per month, you would need 2,500 members who are active and building below you. How long do you think you can keep those 2,500 active, happy and hungry for more before they DROP OUT? When was the last time you had a team of 2,500 people (99.9999999% NEVER)? When was the last time you had 300 people or even 100 people below you “sustained” in a business (99.9999999% NEVER)? My $2.00 bet is NEVER and my $3.00 bet is that you won’t stick with any online program long enough or work it as hard as you can, and you won’t be with that program more than 30-60 days before something else catches your eye. Since that’s the case for so many, people never establish any kind of team or any kind of momentum.

I hope that as you read this, you get really upset and I hope you’re ready to call me to chew me out because it might take that to wake you up if you’re one of those people. Maybe if you’re mad, you’re not mad at me, but you’re mad at yourself and those who conned you into spending money you didn’t have to spend, but spent it anyway. Maybe you’re just defiant and won’t listen to the experts because you’ve been playing online for a few months now and know everything.

STOP THE MADNESS. Do you know who joins these silly online programs besides you? BROKE people, industry stupid people who know better, but continue doing business online anyway, poor people, entitled people, destitute and struggling people. People can’t afford $100.00 a month to build and sustain a business in a legitimate company, but they have no issue losing $10.00 and $20.00 bills repeatedly each month chasing program after program to end up with nothing. People join these programs because they “think” they are going to make fast money. No you’re not, no you're not, and ummmm... no you’re not.

People tell me all the time that they join online deals like we’re talking about because they want to make fast money. If someone needs a quick $50.00 to pay their Metro PCS phone bill, they will spend $10.00 on an opportunity, invite some of you awesome followers into their deal, make their $50.00 off of YOU and others and pay their Metro PCS phone bill. This person doesn’t care about YOU, your family or your needs. Next week or next month, this person will be pitching you something else new and amazing and sucker you into following them.

If you touch a hot stovetop, “knowing” it’s hot, you would say you’re pretty dumb, right? Why wouldn’t you be dumb for joining opportunities just to lose your money and do it repeatedly?

Unaware people, people who don’t understand network marketing, people who are desperate and destitute, and people looking for quick money are the types of people these opportunities attract. Too many people make false income claims, and they do that to entice the inexperienced people and sometimes foolish people. Don’t let a desperate time in your life fool you into thinking you’re going to cash in on these online deals.

Most online deals attract people who are lazy and those who don’t want to apply themselves in a real opportunity. Many of these online programs attract bottom-of-the-barrel people. They attract people who have unreasonable and unrealistic expectations of what that opportunity can do for them. Sure, what’s a $20.00 risk for an online business? If you lose $20.00 dollars, who cares? That’s the mentality for most. Well, those $20.00 bills turn into hundreds and thousands of dollars as you continue to buy services and upgrade to the next level because that higher level will pay you more. You’re not going to have the people below you to pay you more, so why upgrade? A prime example of that is FeederMatrix and DirectPayBiz.

In FeederMatrix (FM) and DirectPayBiz (DPB), there is NO tangible product or service of any value. When you enroll, you pay a starter fee. In DPB, it’s $9.00. As people enter the team and fall directly below you (your level 1), YOU get a portion of “their” initial $9.00 payment. Because of the fear of loss, you spend “more” money to upgrade to levels 2 and 3. You do this so that when members fall below you on levels 2 and 3, you get the level 2 and 3 upgrade fee when “those” people upgrade to levels 2 and 3.

The problem with this is that people prematurely upgrade to levels 8, 9 and 10 for example when it’s not necessary and they never build a team large enough to get those payments. Matrices do not build wide, although they are designed to build wide. Matrices typically build down in a tight line, so the fear of loss kicks in and forces the members above to upgrade their levels, so they don’t lose any upgrade fees from those below them. The site owner and the top leaders who got in first are all running to the bank taking money out while you’re funding the bank.

These two programs look extremely exciting, but most will lose their shirt. Your team would require thousands of people who upgrade for you to make any money and that’s not going to happen. People in these two programs will invest hundreds of dollars “upgrading” and may never make more than $10.00 - $25.00. If you draw this out on paper, you will see that it would take a monster team with all of them upgrading before any serious money would be made.

STOP IT. You’re not going to build a team of any size with committed people who will stick around. Even YOU won’t stick around for 3 months, so don’t get upset when people leave you high and dry for the next big thing. Nobody is going to build a team for you. Nobody is going to give you Personals. Nobody is going to send you all that spillover they talk about. You’re not going to build a team with the thousands of people needed in order to collect any real money. Your sponsor will be gone in 30-60 days working something else. At best, you’ll make just enough to pay back what you’ve put into that program.

Don’t believe me? Still think you know it all? Go join a bunch of them yourself and lose all your money. Then come back to me and let me know how that worked out for ya. Look around, look at the majority of the people in these programs. Look at where they come from. Look at where they live. Look at how many other online “deals” they’re advertising and how each one is an amazing opportunity. Look at all the people who are working 6+ online deals. If just one of their deals was making any money, why would they need 6-8 of them? People who work multiple online deals are BROKE. Any money they make on one program is used to pay for and support other programs. This has to stop, folks.

Once the money is made and once the money slows down, the leaders or the thieves in many cases move on to the next big thing and start all over again. You are left there wondering what happened. Shortly after they leave, you get another invitation to something new because you’re the easy ‘yes’. You fall for the hype and empty promises. In many cases, people say, “Well, I’ve been with this group for a long time, so I follow them wherever they go.” How dumb is that when you’re not making any money? How much money do you have to lose before you wake up?

This is where YOU can make a difference and learn how to say ‘NO’. Look at the big picture. Look at some of the things I cover later, and ask yourself if you have the ability to build a team in that program. Most importantly, will you even give that program 100% of you for at least 1 year? Probably not, so why even start?

These Money Chasers would love for you to be part of their newest program. Why? Because YOU would be the one feeding them that "fast" money. You’ve been doing it for months and possibly years, so why not keep that going. What you fail to realize is that these people don’t care about you and they will ditch you as soon as you stop supporting them. They care about getting paid and nothing else. The more people they enroll, the more money they make. You are just a number to these people.

These online ventures are PROGRAMS. They are NOT companies and they are not MLM’s. If you’re a Money Chaser, please do not call yourself a network marketer, an MLM’er, or anything that resembles a network marketer’s title because you are NOT. Money Chasers should call themselves online business investors because that is exactly what they are. If you look at these online opportunities, the majority, a high majority, are illegal and they come and go every few months.

Why do people follow Money Chasers? Because they are either not educated enough about online marketing to protect their interests or they are too desperate for a quick dollar and won't mind the risk. In some cases, people will blindly trust the person who invited them into a $10.00 online program. What's $10.00, right? Well it's a lot of money when you join ten $10.00 programs and try to build a team in all of them at the same time.

One day, company ABC is the "best" program to ever hit the Internet. Then next week, these same people will advertise company XYZ and make the same claims. They think the more companies they're in and the more people they can sucker into enrolling with them, the more money they can make. It's very foolish and these people will end up spending over $100.00 to make $10.00. Does that kind of math make any sense to you?

There are hundreds, if not thousands of programs out there that want nothing more than to take your money. The question is: Will you be educated enough to stay away from them? Will you have the strength to say "NO" and focus your time, energy and money on a legitimate opportunity for a legitimate income?

Money Chasers will continue to lose money as they chase program after program, hoping for the BIG ONE that will pay them millions. Guess what? It's not going to happen because the programs they are joining will NEVER develop into anything. These crazy people will join a company, pay their money, post their links all over Facebook and a few days later do the same thing all over again to promote the next big thing. The last program they just abandoned to start a new one will die because they didn’t give it proper attention. These people have no focus and no commitment to any one program or company. They will NEVER create a loyal following and they will NEVER establish a real and true residual income. Please avoid the urge to follow Money Chasers. They are not going to build for you. They are not going to give you spillover. They are not going to help you build a team, and they will not STAND BY YOU. Before you know what's happening, they will be off doing something else.

Some Money Chasers will invest hundreds to thousands of dollars... and then make hundreds to thousands of dollars. Then, weeks and months later and 50 hours a week devoted to their online hunt, working until 2am every night, they have no more money than they did when they started. Most have less. Most work their butts off just to get back what they put in originally and consider that successful. Does that make any sense?

Why am I telling you these things? Because I'm tired of seeing good people lose money. I'm tired of good people being suckered into something that's not legit or as promised and as advertised. I'm tired of good people following the hype or the 'too good to be true' deals because they don't know any better.

Accept this fact. You don't know what you don't know. If someone loses $100.00, it could set them back a long way. Sadly, some people are so desperate for a quick buck that they will risk losing that money even though, if they lost it, that loss would be detrimental to them. These people lose money because someone lied to them, someone gave them false hope, and/or someone misled them about 'how quickly' that $100.00 could turn into much more. If you take the bait and get burned, do not blame anyone but yourself for your loss.

Hint: Never invest what you can't afford to lose, no matter what, and if you do lose money, don’t go crying to anyone who will listen to you and don’t post your drama all over your Facebook page looking for sympathy. All you’ll do is remind your audience how inexperienced you are. If you did your homework and talked to the right people, you wouldn’t have lost that money in the first place. It’s YOUR fault and no one else’s. Learn from it and don’t do it again.

I hope to plant a seed in you, educate you, and help you learn what to do and what not to do in the future. Maybe that seed will grow and you will understand a little better how to protect your money and where to invest your time, money and energy for the BEST results. Trust me. There is a lot of money out there waiting for you, but it's never with these “here today and gone tomorrow” type programs.

When you look at many of these online programs, what you’ll find are the same people, the same crowd, the same top leaders, the same owners, the same everything, and so on. Please break away from these people and venture out on your own to team up with a legitimate leader who is promoting a legitimate business. You’ll be so glad when you do.

Here are the nuts and bolts of a legitimate company:

  1. The company has sound leadership and is well funded.
  2. There is a clear mission or cause.
  3. There are tangible products or services. You would use those products or services with or without that company.
  4. The Compensation Plan shows how to earn commissions and other bonuses.
  5. You pay every month to remain active.
  6. The company has ranks.
  7. You have to recruit new members to advance in both pay and rank.
  8. The company has a physical corporate office.
  9. You can contact the Customer Service staff of experts by phone, chat or email.
  10. PayPal, Payza or SolidTrustPay will never come into play.
  11. A healthy cause and a healthy culture is felt.
  12. You are given a robust back office with tools to help you build a team.
  13. There are regular training calls and webinars.
  14. The company can pay you via a check or direct bank deposit.

Signs of an online opportunity to avoid: (You do not want to invest your time, money and energy in opportunities with the following features.)

  1. You don’t know the names of the owners. (You don’t know if they have past successes or if they can be trusted.)
  2. The owners and the top administrators were just in another company doing the same thing under a different name.
  3. You don’t recognize the names of top leaders or have any history behind those top leaders.
  4. They don’t have long periods of proven success, such as 3-5 years.
  5. The opportunity just popped up last week and is all the rage. They have no proof of steady growth.
  6. They have no tangible PRODUCT or SERVICE (something you can buy, use or consume). If the opportunity doesn’t offer a product or service you would buy or use anyway, with or without them, stay way. Banner advertising or text advertising is not a tangible product.
  7. They don’t have an identified and clear mission or cause.
  8. They don’t have a legitimate website with a robust back end / back office.
  9. They don’t have a corporate office with a live Customer Support staff of experts who are able to communicate with you by phone, chat or by email.
  10. The opportunity does not have a physical corporate office in the USA or Canada.
  11. They don’t have online policies and procedures.
  12. They don’t have a documented Compensation Plan with multiple ways to earn commissions and other bonuses.
  13. They don’t have quality training materials and overview videos.
  14. They don’t offer a proven system with the tools to support that system.
  15. They don’t host corporate calls and webinars on a regular basis.
  16. They don’t announce company updates on a regular basis.
  17. They don’t hold local, regional, national and International events.
  18. They don’t have a rank structure (such as Ruby, Emerald or Diamond, etc...).
  19. They don’t have a merchant account set up to allow you to pay for your products or membership with your credit card, and they don’t pay you by bank deposit, by check, or by a debit card load.
  20. Huge red flag - they require you to pay your membership fee on a member to member platform via online pay sites like PayPal, Payza or STP.
  21. They are unable to mail a check or deposit funds directly to your bank account or to a company debit card.
  22. They don’t require you to invest 'financially' each month in their product or service. There is no such thing as a legitimate company where you pay one time and earn thousands.
  23. They require you to pay an admin fee of any amount when enrolling.
  24. Their members tell you to get in and let THEM build your team for you or get in and we will fill your matrix for you, or if you bring in 2 and we will give you 5, or get in and do nothing and you will earn a top dollar income. These comments are clear signs of an illegal operation, a pyramid scheme, or a ponzi scheme.
  25. They don’t require you to have personally enrolled members in order to qualify for additional bonuses and commissions on deeper levels.

Some problems with these online programs:

  1. You will constantly rebuild your business.
  2. Any momentum you start will be dead in 2-3 weeks.
  3. Some will join a program and NEVER sponsor a single person and will NEVER see one person in spillover, even though they were promised people.
  4. You will never attract a serious player.
  5. Paying only once. If you’re not feeding your business on a monthly basis, there is no money to pay out.
  6. You will not have a relationship with the majority of your team.
  7. People on your team will file claims against you in PayPal and you will have to pay them back because you didn’t provide them with a product or service. You will lose every time.
  8. In many cases, your PayPal, Payza or SolidTrustPay accounts will get locked to investigate where all the money is coming in from. If you don’t have invoices for each one of them, you risk losing it all.
  9. Very, very few will ever bring in new people. 85% of all people in network marketing never enroll a single person. In part because they don’t try, in part because they don’t know what to say and in part because they were told they didn’t have to.
  10. These opportunities invite the poor, the lazy, the entitled and the destitute. Why would anyone of favor and means want to participate in a $10.00 to $20.00 program? Do you “really” think you’re going to spend $20.00 and build a team into the tens of thousands to earn anything substantial? You won’t be with that company long enough to see it grow because the person who enrolled you and people above him have already moved on. The person who sponsored you will be GONE in a few weeks pitching another opportunity. Don’t cry… You’ll be invited.
  11. Just about anyone will invest $10.00 - $20.00 into a program because it’s no big deal to them if they lose it. What that really means is they won’t work because they haven’t invested enough to make it hurt if they did lose their money.
  12. If the opportunity requires a monthly investment, that member will be GONE GONE GONE very quickly if they don’t see a quick turnaround or a team below them in the first month.
  13. Too many people get into these programs with unreasonable and unrealistic expectations.
  14. You will be enrolled without your permission in another company, using the same script / software of a previous opportunity and the username and password will be the same. All you’ll have to do is login and pay your money. How nice of them to do that for you.

Tip: The words used in a program's name should be an eye opener and prompt you to proceed with caution. Program names with words like paid, cash, cycler, pay, and feeder should be a wake up call and be enough to cause you to do your homework.

Online payment systems like PayPal, Payza and SolidTrustPay (there are a few to choose from) are great resources to send and receive payments for legitimate sales and services, but PayPal in particular does not support the transfer of funds for network marketers or any company considered to be participating in that space. If you're using these companies for online deals where there is no tangible product or service, and if you can't provide an invoice for every received transaction, you really risk having your account restricted or terminated completely.

Tip: If one of your 'buddies' tells you about a great new company that doesn't meet these conditions, stay away. Keep your buddy, but ditch the opportunity. Don’t fall into the trap because these people are only thinking of their own pockets. They have no interest in helping YOU make a long-term residual income. They will make their money for signing you up and LAUGH. Then, in a week or two, they will be promoting something else. If you’re not focused on building a residual income, you are wasting your time in this industry. If you want to trade time for money, which is what you’ll be doing with many of these online programs, you might as well get a job and use some of the benefits.

If you’re really serious about getting into the network marking space, align yourself with a Sponsor / Mentor who can do things to advance you in life physically, emotionally, financially and, for some, spiritually. Your best friend may not be that person. If you enroll with your best friend and that best friend can’t educate you properly on this industry, go up the chain and BOTH of you get the help you need. You don’t need a bad online opportunity to work from home. You can team up with a legitimate product based company and still work from home, part time in your spare time.

Look at the top companies in our industry and you will find that the majority of them are product based. You will see they are all part of the health and wellness space, skin care, makeup, home products, personal care products and more, but they are clearly product based.

What is wrong with using the money you’re already spending to buy things you’re already buying, to redirect that money into a product that you can buy from yourself and get paid for doing that? Too many people think they are spending “additional” money when they join a product based company, but that’s not always the case. If you do things correctly, you’ll actually save money.

Get rid of all those senseless online opportunities and settle in with a good product based company that’s in the space of health and wellness, anti-aging and/or skin care. It’s these types of companies that will stand the test of time. It’s these types of companies that you can stake your flag in, get behind the product, feel better, look better and change a lot of lives just by having your own story.

Tip: When you can learn how to stop chasing the money and learn that your wealth will only happen when you help others, you will become successful. Stop chasing the money and learn how to solve problems for people. Get out there and create some relationships, get to know who you’re teaming up with, up and down, and solve problems for people. When you chase money, it becomes clear to anyone who knows you that you’re only after fixing one problem, and that’s your own personal income. Sorry, but that doesn’t work in this industry.

If you want to earn $10,000.00 per month, go help someone on your team earn $10,000.00 per month. If your company has a car program and you want to drive a new car, go help someone get in a new car and you will be in a new car.

If you want things in life you’ve never had, you must first help someone else get the things they’ve never had. This isn’t rocket science. We are in a relationship marketing industry, so are you chasing people down to make a few dollars on them or are you building longstanding relationships? When you learn how to solve other people’s problems, all yours will be solved. Help someone be free and you will be free.

When you’re really serious about creating a residual income, money you can pretty much rely on month-after-month, that’s when you’ll stop chasing money and learn how to create passive income for yourself.

I can tell you name after name of people who’ve read this topic and thanked me for the training, just to see them online that same day pitching a new $7.00 program and how if you get in now you can make $11,000.00 in the next 30 days. It’s unbelievable. Please… someone… introduce me to at person making $11,000.00 on a $7.00 program. If you’re not in a “real” company, you’ll never make “real” money.

Fact: Hundreds of thousands of people will read this topic and continue doing what they’ve always been doing, which is to align themselves with desperate and destitute people to work a “new deal”. Most of the people who read this topic will ignore what they’ve learned because they think they have it all figured out. They know it all. Well if that’s the case, I say let them continue what they’re doing, continue working, continue giving away money, continue losing credibility, continue losing any influence they might have over people, and continue to chase that money. I wish them the best. Actually HELP people and the money will be there. We don’t need to chase it.

This article was published on 20.07.2016 by Richard Wyche
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