The 3 Types of Website Traffic (Part 1)

First of all, thanks go out to my readers... I hope this helps you in your business.

Defining the Terms

Let me ask you this... what is website traffic, anyway?

In the most simple terms, traffic is visitors to your website. Duh!!!

Now, let's define the term "website".

From a marketing standpoint, a website is "any" webpage with which you are promoting your online (or offline) business.

It might be a full blown "authority" site with multiple pages that explore many aspects of your business niche.

Your website might be a one page site designed to capture your visitors contact information. These are called by many terms, including:

  • Squeeze Page
  • Lead Capture Page
  • Optin Page

Your website might be another type of single page site called a "landing page". The purpose here is to introduce or review a product or service before the reader is sent to the sales page.

Landing pages are usually used by affiliate or CPA marketers. Why?

Most advertising on sites like Google or Facebook, for example, won't allow direct affiliate links for their advertising, so you send them to a landing page first.

Your website might also be a Facebook page or a YouTube channel... and there are many other possibilities.

So, now that we have defined the terms, let's look at the first type of traffic.

Hot Traffic

"Hot Traffic" has three characteristics...

  1. Strong Interest
  2. Established Trust
  3. Visitors know they have a problem that you have a solution

So, what do these mean?

"Hot Traffic" is made up of visitors to your site that have a strong interest in the product or service you are offering. We also term this type of traffic as "targeted traffic".

"Hot Traffic" is also made up of people with which you have previously built a trust relationship. They either already know you... they follow your blog... they are on your marketing email list... or they have previously bought a product from you.

They might also come to your site as a result of being referred by someone else that they trust... sort of a transferred trust relationship.

Finally, "Hot Traffic" is made up of visitors who know that they have a problem, and they believe that you have a solution to that problem.

For example, an online business owner knows he needs traffic to his website. But he does not know how to generate that traffic.

He is a returning customer, so he visits your site and finds that you have a product that teaches marketers how to generate traffic to their webpage. The result... "hot traffic"!

That's all for now...

Yes, I know I promised three types of website traffic... that just means that there will be two more business announcements to discuss this subject. Right?

To Your Business Success,

Greg Ray

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This article was published on 10.10.2016 by Greg Ray
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