We are looking for TEAMBUILDERS who wants  to

become POWER BUILDERS with us.

We will Pay 97 Euros for your Bronze package

if you choose to work with us and build the organization.

We will also help you offer the same for your teambuilders as well.

We are a group of POWER BUILDERS that WILL

build your organization VERY FAST.

The company is Vizionary, with a crypto currency called Capricoin.

By becoming a Bronze member you will get

Vizionary's basic Crypto currency education program.

You also get the following benefits:

-1 mining slot for the first week (automatic) to help you get started

-100 mining units to purchase 2 additional mining slots

-Optional purchase of up 2 mining slots per week

-Bronze product pack offers all commission opportunities except the ability to earn Matching Bonus and Recognition (Gold pack or higher)

This is how we do this.

We are giving away a 97 Euro position and you will get access to the mining in the company.
So you will get 3 slots for free. And this will increase in value.
If you know anyone who want this for free, we can offer a free position for them too.
This is the way we show how the system works - Give away a position for free.

If you choose to work with us, we offer something we call a 10th-list.
For every tenth people you bring in, we pay for 9 and you pay for 1. And You will pay from your commission.
No money out of pocket.
Because if you sponsor these 10 your self, you will earn €97.
And then you will start on the next list of 10 people.
So the first 10,    you will place in your powerleg and the next 10 in your working leg.
We will do this 10 times. 10 in the powerleg and 10 in the working leg and so on.

So after we have done this 10 times, you will have 100 people in your organization.
Not necessarily your referrals, but all Referals that your organization brings in too. Your personally downline.
And you will have earned on average 7650 Euros
Your profit will then be 970 Euros less than this because you have paid for 10 gift cards.

If you want to work with us,

please contact me on

or skype: magnusjb.  (Please add msg "Vizionary info")

Click here to find out more

We are looking forward to work with you.



This article was published on 11.02.2016 by Magnus Berg
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