Attraction Marketing & how it can help grow your MLM/network marketing business

This method of doing business has only recently become popular and lucrative for network marketers.

The emphasis has now moved away from the products, the company, the compensation plan and the training and instead falls on the person behind the business (which is you!). This is a much nicer way to market. It avoids those awkward “catch up coffee meetings” with “friends” you haven’t seen in years, with the sole purpose of the meeting being for you to thrust your business opportunity at them the first chance you get – awkward!

It puts an end to those spammy private messages on facebook that you send to everyone on your friends list, and their friends as well, usually containing a link to join your business.

It puts an end to time consuming launches, where only the faithful few friends will turn up and buy the cheapest product they can, for fear of offending you in your new business venture.

So what exactly is ATTRACTION MARKETING and how DOES IT WORK?

Attraction Marketing is the art of learning to attract endless new quality leads and prospects to you and your business and then creating a relationship with these leads.

And the secret to doing this is to market brand “YOU”, rather than marketing your company brand. You need to position yourself as a LEADER by adding value to the market place. People naturally follow good leaders and they will want to work with someone they have confidence in that will guide them and help them to grow their own home based business. People buy from and join people, not companies. It is only natural to want to follow a good leader.

Once you have defined who your target market will be, it is very important that you supply a lot of value to them. You will need to spend some time defining your target market. Know exactly what it is they want, what their problems are and what solutions you can offer them. Know what they need to learn about and provide the information. By doing this, you will build rapport and trust and in return when they are ready to make a purchase or join a business opportunity, YOU will be the person they will join

You will soon build up a very loyal customer base and a loyal base of prospects. By helping people to achieve the results they want in their business, they will see you as a great leader and they will follow you.

How do you go about offering value to people?

First and foremost you need to invest in yourself. Learn new skills and then share what you have learnt. Never stop investing in yourself, never stop learning and before you know it, you will have valuable content to share to your followers. Once you have branded yourself as a Leader you will attract people to you. This is achieved by leveraging a marketing system which is the fastest way to generate leads, that will build your list, make more sales, get more sign ups and therefore make more money.

Start now by investing in yourself with the Attraction Marketing Formula and learn how to grow your business.  

This article was published on 04.10.2016 by Julie Kempson
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