Is it really to good to be true?

I learned something in the past few days... You see, I only started promoting My Advertising Pays 14 months ago after doing a lot of research and testing to make sure this company was legitimate, and on solid legal ground. It definitely is on both counts.

But here's the thing... I'm promoting it now and steadily making money in referral commissions as customers I refer start using the product.


But I'm also making more and more money every day in profit share. That's when you get paid a portion of the company's total sales income every 20 minutes just for logging in and clicking on 10 ads every day. Takes 5 minutes.

This process works really well but what I didn't realize (or wasn't paying attention to) until just a day or two ago is that all my daily profit share earnings are immediately available to me to purchase new credit packs should I want to.

What that means is that the money I'm earning from the daily profit share, allows me to buy more credit packs each day which allows me to earn profit share even faster. You see, you earn profit share every 20 minutes on ALL the credit packs you have up to a maximum of 1,000 credit packs


Hi there, my names Michael Cavanagh,

But here's what's really compelling to me about MAP... I originally bought 1 credit pack 14 months back. I've been steadily re-investing my profits from My Advertising Pays into more credit packs and am now have 215 credit packs. 

Here's what I just realized, and now am super excited about... I'm earning enough profit share on those 215 credit packs every day to buy another 2 credit packs the next day. And then because I own 2-3 more credit packs by re-investing my profit share earnings, I actually start earning profit share faster with each day that goes by.

For example, within a week, I'll purchase at least another 15 credit packs just from my profit share earnings alone which will put me up to 228+ credit packs. And since I'll have 212+ credit packs, my daily profit share earnings will be growing even faster at that time (because I'll be earning on more credit packs every day), and soon I'll be able to buy 4-5 credit packs each day - just from daily profit share earnings.

I'm realizing this is all about momentum. Within a couple of months, I'll most likely be earning 10-20 new credit packs each day just from my profit share earnings alone and moving faster and faster toward the 1,000 credit pack maximum.

And this all started with 1 credit packs, and clicking 10 ads a day. Just 5 minutes work.

Moreover, I'm using all these credit packs to advertise my affiliate products and websites through My Advertising Pays advertising. Making some weeks an extra $200.

Truly, this is the most interesting and effective online advertising service that I've ever used. It's advertising that pays you back, and can quite literally become a full-time income for anyone who has the faith to buy a few credit packs, and the discipline to login and click 10 ads per day.

I'll keep you posted on my progress, and continue sharing my tips with you along the way.

I'm just floored right now about how the daily profit share earnings are immediately available to re-invest in new credit packs, and how this can start compounding your earnings very quickly.

Interested message me , i can show you !! 

This article was published on 25.07.2016 by Mike Cavanagh
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Micheal Onayemi is there any program that requires no start-up fee?  1 year ago
Mike Cavanagh and any problems message me and i will help you :)  1 year ago
Mike Cavanagh hi william head over to my website www.map2riches.com and down the right hand side of the screen is a sign up button , proceed through that , and its a free sign up ,   1 year ago
William Rampheri Hi I'm interested please send me the application form and also tell me how much to join the program  1 year ago
Tariqul Islam All revshares work on same principle new members money pays to older one.  1 year ago

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