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Renee Sullivan here...

I have to admit that past few months have been "trying" to say the least. 

I have been doing a lot of personal development through various books,

audios, taking more nature walks and reflecting on what is best for my

business. I'm going to go back and re-read "Think and Grow Rich" and "The Secret"

as those 2 books changed my life significantly at a time in my life where, if I did 

not change some things in my life, I would not be here today!

If you have been around me for a while you know that I've talked about

how the people who have the most success surround themselves with 

others who are like-minded and achieving success.


That is what I am doing as well. And I am finally getting back into my groove.


I have been researching several businesses for the past few months to

replace something that did not work out and the one that resonates the most with me 

because of the benefits it has include not just financial, but products and 

services that people in the US and Canada actually need and use every day 

without even thinking about it. I am very excited about this and once you watch

the presentation in the link below I think you'll be too.

Make Wealth Real

I make this affirmation every day while showing gratitude for what I have and for

the people in my life:

"I have a high six figure profitable business that is conducted with integrity with like-minded business partners who understand the value of personal development, learning and growing their skills, are self-motivated independent action takers who see the value in the products and services we offer, join me in this movement and duplicate the process with their tribe as well."

If you aren't in, then check out the presentation here and get your place.

I plan on hitting  30K per month with our systematic plan and methodical process. 

Are you coming with me?

This is hot and people are getting placed as we speak. I can only personally

sponsor 3 people and then the rest get placed under those closest to me.

This means the sooner you get in, the sooner we can all work on building out 

our team! 

 Group Economics is what will make this work. When we all focus

and build this system, we will win!

#OnlineBusiness #BusinessAffirmation #Motivation #WorkFromHome #RockYourBusiness #TeamBuild

~ Renee Sullivan

This article was published on 05.09.2016 by Renee Sullivan
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