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Social selling - the direct selling’s way to success

As much as we go deep into technological advancements and science, there’s one thing as humans that we cannot do without, emotions and human relations! The direct selling industry revolves around relationships from time immemorial. It is their working process where they meet face-to-face and build the business. Nothing much has changed today, even after so many years except that, every building relationship and maintaining them has become virtual. Nowadays, direct selling organizations are monitoring their social selling strategies for engaging their distributors.

Social Commerce - Building a warm relationship with your customers which will last a lifetime. Unlike traditional in-person selling, this brings the brand closer to people. 

Fresher Strategies - Fresher ideas and perspectives are important to maintain existing customers and build new ones. This will help improve the brand image and keep its customers actively engaged. 

Video Content - Videos can be more engaging and informative to create a deeper understanding of the content that is conveyed. 

Augmented Reality - It gives customers an experience to indulge in before doing their shopping.

Customer Support - It is a double-edged sword that needs to be handled with care. Good or bad, every customer’s query and comments should be attended to with suitable solutions. 

Personalization - Personalizing your services based on your customer’s preferences through targeted campaigns, chatbots, videos, quizzes, etc would be beneficial to keep your customers closer to you. 

User-Generated Content - User-generated content increases brand trust and loyalty, increases conversions, and influences purchase decisions. Suggestions made by influencers and celebrities tend to be heard more by consumers than any number of advertisements or promotions.

Social Listening - It is imperative to draw your customers closer to the brand and make them feel that they are heard and their opinions are valued. Connecting with your customers through every possible channel is important to involve your customers in helping build your brand.

Inclusivity - Age group, ethnicity, and every dividing factor need to be considered to make your brand the one for all. Their varying mindsets and interests are expressed through their social handles which need to be observed to make your brand reinvigorate its strategies occasionally.

Brand Communities - Active participation in group conversations is crucial since it gives you an understanding of various perspectives. Also, this will help you build your contacts and conversations which is an easy way to diversify your customer base. 

This article was published on 09.07.2022 by Noufal P Bava
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