7 Reasons Why Custom HubSpot COS Website Design is on Top

HubSpot takes us to custom modules. In other words, they will allow you to create your own set of content that will keep your values through templates and pages in the COS. In addition, you can always select what content will be visible – and to whom – on a page – per page, so that personalization caused by the COS is not lost or diminished in any way; Quite the opposite, in fact, this will expand your available options.

Custom HubSpot COS Development has many advantages of making a website because it provides many benefits from one platform.

Why is HubSpot COS Website Best

1.  Custom Design Style is Easily Available.

  • The word "custom" implies that the client knows more than the web designer. It also encourages customers to pretend to be web designers, and designing a website is too important to allow a customer to spoil it. Clients are controlled fanatics and think that having eyes and surfing the web qualifies them as experts in web design. How many amazing websites have you designed to be destroyed by your customer? Now agency shows screenshots to save us from the embarrassment of what some of our customers have eventually done in their incredible personalized sites.
  • Customers have no idea how many years of web design experience required before you are good. They also do not understand the importance of the professional and strategic design of the Web for the success of their digital marketing efforts. However, as web designers, we must take full responsibility and never blame our customers. Blaming the client does not prevent his / her ability to change and improve the situation. So, instead of blaming our customers, we will take this word "personalized" completely out of the equation.

2. Instant Preview Results.

  • The style manager for the new COS features an instant preview option which is a valuable resource for developers. With the HubSpot COS advance, instant preview having benefit to designer and developers can check for potential errors or changes they may want to make as they are working on specific sections of Pages. One of the most frustrating problems developers feel about coding errors is often missed until changes are live, making the process of fixing errors as tedious and daunting as having to start from scratch. This makes it easier for designer and developers to make revisions and see their progress preview results.

3. Mobile-Friendly.

  • One of the most important features of the HubSpot COS site is mobile responsiveness. Instead of having to manually encode the site to allow basic mobile reactivity, the new COS does it for you. If your website is not mobile response, you are wasting a lot of time. Visits to mobile devices on the Web are increasing astronomically, so it is essential that websites can serve people on the move by making sure that they are as accessible on mobile devices as they are on desktops and computers portable.

4. HubSpot COS Templates are Awesome Now.

  • Six or Seven years ago, the templates were absorbed. The agency would never recommend them to any customer. The custom was the way to develop the site. But not today. Custom HubSpot COS templates are easy to make and to be available. Experienced web designers around the world display and sell their templates in one place. They have spent years perfecting the form and function of these web site templates that leave you more time to focus on quality content.

Why Templates are awesome:

  • Templates design is as good or better than anything custom.
  • Functionality is fantastic
  • Many are responsive
  • They are already coded.
  • They are built on common COS platforms.
  • Many provide support and updates

5. HubSpot Website Migration

  • The HubSpot migration team could be the best from sliced bread, without exaggeration. This is probably one of my favorite advantages of HubSpot COS compared to other CMS systems. The migration team will automatically migrate your existing site to the COS platform.
  • They literally do all the heavy lifting on the migration for you. No need to worry about running your old site completely out of the window or redoing everything. It's very simple: send a request (with different migration options depending on what you need), wait a few weeks depending on the complexity and the explosion. All are set up to review your new HubSpot site. The impressive migration team moves it all for you and makes it a nice and clean COS HubSpot.

6. Get An Extra Boost in SEO

  • HubSpot COS has a very fast load time, which is a critical component of website ranking in search. The keyword ranking report in HubSpot will help to identify top conversion of focused keywords to guide your content creation process for prospects, lead generation and customer nurturing.
  • You can use HubSpot to connect your blog to Google Plus, which allows the bio of the author to show up in search results. That, in turn, both increases the visibility of the author and of your company. There are also added perks in SEO and if users click on the image of the author. Each of HubSpot publishing tools (landing pages, COS pages, blog pages with categories) have built-in SEO tools to improve the optimization of content related helping your SaaS company gain ranking with organic search.

7. User-Friendliness

  • The HubSpot COS design training provides an excellent framework for all the ins and outs of your COS platform and its modeling. However, most web designers agree that you really need to get into it and start making problems with you to really understand how to use the system. Fortunately, the HubSpot COS design makes this incredibly easy to do with its ease of use.
  • One thing about HubSpot is that it's easy to quickly understand the basics. If you have had experience with any type of web design software, no matter how basic it is, it will not take you long to start configuring pages and designing templates as you wish.
This article was published on 26.07.2017 by Harikrishna Kundariya
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