Our email list is about following up and providing value...

It is true that people are bombarded with emails...that makes it almost seem futile to have an email list. But we can't approach it with that mentality. We have to simply make our emails as valuable as we can.

Some people try to pick one niche, and I guess that would work for some. I don't know that I can go that route. I prefer to write about a variety of topics simply because we all have more than one area of our lives.

We all want to stay healthy and need physical exercise of some kind as long as we are physically able to do so.

So, that is one topic to write emails about on a regular basis. We all want to be healthy financially and be out of debt, so that gives us plenty of things to write emails about also.

We can write about ways to help people get out of debt and we can write about ways to generate substantial income so that we can stay out of debt.

Growing up we always thought that if we became millionaires we were set for life, but that's not really the case. A million dollars only lasts about 20 years or so, if we spend around $4000/month, and then we are out of money again if we have no other income.

So, the topic of money and affiliate offers and how to find people that will be interested gives us plenty to do research on and write about.

We also have relationships that we want to stay strong and those relationships are more important than any money we have. So, writing about keeping those relationships strong and developing new ones also gives us plenty of topics to write about.

People need to get better at all these areas of their lives and as we write about them, we learn to get better ourselves. Our affiliate offers can be added to the content about every 3rd email or so.

The more we provide value and actually over deliver on that value, the more trust we build with our readers and the more they will be willing to buy through us. Our income goes up as that level of trust goes up.

That's how things work. We have to provide valuable information first before we can ask people to spend money.

Now, if you are trying to make money either online or offline, an email list is essential for following up with people and bringing existing customers back to you.

If you are aware, most auto responders will charge more money as your subscriber base grows. Does it make financial logic to go with an auto responder that increases the cost per month as your subscriber increase?

As far as deliverability of your emails, I am testing that and so far my test email addresses are receiving the emails as I write my campaigns.

If you are interested in trying this auto responder, click here.

Also, you don't build an email list unless you invite people to be a part of it. If you are interested in receiving emails from me on a variety of topics,feel free to click here.

We will basically get a chance to know each other and exchange ideas if nothing else. We can learn from each other. We can evaluate affiliate offers together and talk life in general.

I hope this article has had some valuable content for you. I will be trying to add more value to these articles as I go.

We are not out of the Covid-19 pandemic yet...so please stay safe and work even harder on building your email list. That is your real business and will be hugely important as time goes on.

Enjoy your day and thanks for reading all the way to the end...

Scott Moore

This article was published on 02.07.2020 by Scott Moore
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