The gold business with the Global InterGold Online Gold Shop is unique: you do not need to sell the product to receive a profit, but to buy it instead, and recommend the Online Gold Shop's products and services to others. Global iGold is a regulated EU Company featuring the Global InterGold Online shop for the buying and selling of gold bars from Swiss regulated suppliers

1. You don't need much money to start your business with Global InterGold.

According to a research by Small Business Administration, initial expenses for a start up in the US reckons approximately $25 000. In different countries this amount may vary, but not everyone has enough money to cover these charges or to get a loan in a bank.

How much money do you need to start up your own business? By contrast, the business with Global InterGold requires minimal expenditures and there are different amounts to choose from.

2. You can sell your gold anytime.

The company provides its customers with a buyback guarantee, which means that you can sell gold back to the Online Gold Shop at the price depending on the time of sale. The updates on gold prices, precious metals market rates and business news are published on globalintergold.info.

3. You will be taught how to run your business.

You will be instructed on how to run a successful business.

How does it work? Experienced businessmen who have already gained particular knowledge of gold business guide and help the beginners. They are interested in assisting others, since mutual success is one of the company's pillars. To conduct their business in a more convenient way, they use a marketing incentives program.

4. You don't need higher education or business experience.

Certainly, your knowledge and skills will be your advantage, but their absence will not stop you from earning more than engineers or IT-specialists with years-long experience.  

5. You can travel.

There is a correspondence between traveling and income's increase. Hard to imagine, isn't it? Working in the countries you could only dream about is much nicer than sitting in the office.

Are you still in doubt? Don't hesitate, gold is the real money. Run your business with gold, save and multiply your capital and reach financial independence! Get acquainted with all the opportunities of the Global InterGold Online Gold Shop now

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This article was published on 06.06.2016 by Karl Heinz Kastner
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