Help me welcome Japan company expanding in the United States

Japan company is expanding into the United States!


We are now 14k+ active affiliates strong!  Most of the growth is on the west coast so there are still about 40 states with less than 100 affiliates. If you have the desire and willing to work, any of these states could be yours for the taking! Let me know what state you are in or have contacts in and I can give you the exact number of active affiliates. The company is motivated to help grow these areas. Now is the best timing.

Tip! China is coming up soon! Some of the largest mlm's do more than 60% of their business there. Smart money is to start positioning yourself to take advantage of this from today.

This is life changing! All MLM Gateway affiliates who joins will be placed one after another down the same leg, first come first served. Those who get in early will definitely benefit the most. People who have never made money in other MLM's are earning $1000's a month, some over $10,000 a month! In fact the top guy in the USA is in his 70's, hardly speaks any English,  doesn't own a computer nor even how to use one. Another affiliate just uses the product, then one day her grandson saw her taking it and asked what it was, tried it, found out that there is a business attached to it, built the business and now she gets a check every week for $1400! All she did was take the product, sponsor ONE person, and now she collects her $1400 checks! How many retirees do you know that could use an extra $6,000 a month?

We are going to blow this up in the United States! Come position yourself now! 



The USA is on of the best places in the world for our industry and hundreds of millions of people here would benefit from our products. We just need to get the word out. We haven't even scratched the surface yet. 

We're at about 14,500 affiliates so far with most of them in Hawaii close to 5000, and California over 4700, Washington about 1000, Nevada just over 1000, New York 282, Texas 188, and there is some like Florida only 74 and many other states with a very small number of our affiliates, 2 or 3 here , 20 there etc. Contact me to find out how your area is doing.  Like I said, the entire country is wide open. My feeling is that we should be able to far surpass the already incredible success and we can get there soon.  

Here are some of the important points to consider:

- 19 year old health and wellness company with a rock solid track record for steady growth. Rated in the top 10 networking companies in Japan. No need to worry about the growing pains or if they'll still be here in a year.  Focused on integrity and complete health, body, mind, soul, spirit, social. 

-Amazing products speak for themselves. Millions of consumers across Japan and East Asia use daily and continue to re-order every month. #1 selling in their categories backed by 380+ clinical studies and miraculous life changing testimonies. 

- Incredible compensation plan, already over 280 million dollar earners (do the math, that's 1-2 NEW millionaires every month). Easy and fair for Newbies and very lucrative for experienced Pros. 

-Training and support is excellent. The company has all the tools to help you become successful, video training and even a presentation video to show your prospects. Everything you need.

- Incentives - all expense paid trips to qualifying affiliates to leadership events around the world. 

-Next years convention is here in Hawaii, right off of Waikiki beach. Great (business) excuse to come to Hawaii.

The timing is right, it's like getting in on the ground floor only this is a company that's already proven successful.  There are so many times that we let great opportunities pass us by, with good reason because of the uncertainty of the future. The old example of Microsoft always pops into my mind, Apple, what about Bitcoin? Woulda coulda shoulda wish I did it. Japan rules when it comes to the number of  companies over 100 years old, I believe that there one over 1000 years old. This company is built on the same kind of integrity.

Give me a shout and I'll give you more detailed information and we can figure out if it's a good fit for you.

This article was published on 29.05.2018 by Robert Nishioka
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