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The world we now live in is automated, we have seen many things evolving, money being the biggest influence, we started at batter exchange, moved to Gold, then metal coins, after that it was Paper money (fiat currency) then Plastic cards (debit and credit cards) and then electronic money (internet banking, EFT's) now with the 4th Industrial revolution we have Cryptocurrency, with Bitcoin being the main or the founder of cryptocurrencies, which was initiated in 2008/09 by Nakamoto Satoshi (Unknown), cryptocurrency is internet money which is connected to blockchain technology and is physical, meaning you can't touch it but can use it, this is a decentralized payment system that doesn't require a middlemen like banks, you can send money anywhere in the world without involving the bank. Bitcoin and many other top cryptocurrencies has created a lot of millionaires in the past ten years especially those that believed in it while it was still very low, in 2009 1 bitcoin was R0.01 cents, today as i'm writing this 1 Bitcoin ranges between R146 000 - R150 000. In 2010 while here in South Africa we were celebrating hosting the world cup, and buying Vuvuzela which costed R40 per Vuvuzela, 1 Bitcoin was R0,91 cents, if we could have used the R40 of Vuvuzela to buy bitcoins we would have bought 43 bitcoins, and in December 2017 when 1 bitcoin reached a bull run of R290 000 we would have been R12 million richer from that R40. This is how many people who were on the loop of bitcoin back then have managed to make a fortune in a period of 7 years, while some people have been employees for 30 years or more but don't even receive half of that when they retire.

We all have been programmed by the education system that we should go to school get great marks get to university and get the best paying Job, then we are told we should save money, but all this has done is to make us poor and drown us in debt, savers are losers, you save your money while its value is high and get it back when it has lost value, what you buy now with R100 you'll never buy in the next 5 years, yet you continue to save and make the rich richer. In 2009 when Bitcoin was created you would buy a half full trolley of grocery with R500 and Bitcoin would buy you a chappies. But today in 2019 your R500 can't even put full tank on your 1.2 Chev spark but 1 bitcoin can buy you a car, so why invest in a currency that looses value instead of the one that gains value and not influenced by inflation. Cryptocurrency is here to stay whether we understand it or not, its not asking for anyone's permission, just like internet, cellphones any other things we've seen evolving.

Don't get left behind while the world is evolving and going digital and people are loosing their Jobs to robots,  if you don't know this ask those employees who were retrenched from banks. If you are a banker i'm sure you have received one of the messages from your bank that says "avoid queues, manage your savings and investments account digitally" this tells you clearly that the bank wants us to go digitally and stop coming to the bank so that they get rid of tellers, i don't mean to scare anyone or prophesy negatively, but this 4th industrial revolution may be very disadvantageous for many Job holders, even some professionals, some of the students might be busy studying a course that might be irrelevant as no one would not be needing their services in the next coming years. Maybe i'm talking to someone who says that will never happen to me because I've got a good Job and i'm irreplaceable, that's good for you, but you aren't the only one affected, your in laws, sisters, cousins, uncle might be affected and then become a liability to you. I'm not saying resign from your Job, I'm not saying stop studying, i'm saying learn how to leverage, how to make passive income while you are still at a Job, there's more to explore in the industry of cryptocurrencies, currently i'm earning a passive income on daily basis using this blockchain technology without recruiting, we teach you everything you need to know about cryptocurrency and how you can also make this passive income, anything you need to know about cryptocurrency, we are here to teach and educate, to liberate our people, to bring good news. You should never ever be colonized again. If you would like to partner with me and be  part of the solution instead of always complaining about government, unemployment, inflation, your salary, this and that lets engage further,  send me a whatsapp on 071 864 1974 or send an email at, we can arrange a zoom meeting even a personal meeting. My Name is Nthabiseng The Cryptopreneur and master trainer. 

This article was published on 08.11.2019 by Annah Nthabiseng Koenane
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Felix Arthur How can I get connected   6 months ago
Van ThomastheSower Hello I was interest in what information you have about Blockchain   7 months ago
Annah Nthabiseng Koenane Hi Olerato, thank you so much for connecting with me, yes I would appreciate it if we deliberate more on this topic. Send me your contacts, or whatsapp me.   7 months ago
Olerato Elesang Hi Nthabiseng, indeed we need to stop complaining and taking matters into our hands about our future. I am also into crypto and would like to connect with you and engage further.  7 months ago

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