1-9-90 is a multilevel marketing program that promotes the use of ecurrencies provides training on online payment processing platforms. The program originates from Russia . The program teaches you how you can make up to €38,000 over and over again with only investment of €10 and a follow me system, meaning all your people will always follow you over and over again.

Its an automated software that pay your money straight to your account withouth having to complete your matrix and there is a whatzaap sms bonus that comes with each of the level of your activation.


 Teamwork, 100% payment to the structure, money is not stored in the system.

 Monetary funds are automatically credited to your Perfect Money account within 60 seconds.

 378% off the income from one cycle.

 Once a partner takes up a position in your matrix - your account will automatically be credited with funds, no need to wait for the matrix to cycle to receive.

 Start with a 10€ matrix that cycle @37.80€, next buy a 25€ matrix cycle @94.50€, then buy a 50€ matrix that cycles @ 189€, and it goes with 100€, 250€, 500€, 1000€, 2000€ matrixs and you will earn in all over 38,700 euros with just your initial 10 euro investment. This is Incredible

 And the better is that your referals will always take a position in your matrixs, so if you have 6 referals , you close the first matrix and buy the next one (25€), when your referals buy the 25€, they will take a position in your 25€ matrix and it always be like that.

 Its a forced matrix , so the position can be ocupied by person from the upline, and it pays the same way.



Ok, soo easy, these are the braking down;-

>You; if you regiater with €10($12 or

#4000), you're entitle to 1% bouse

>Two downline; what you need now is to invite just two(2) people under you, which is very eaay to do, for this you're entitle to 9% each.

>Indirect downline; from this stage just encourage your direct downlines to do their own as you did yours(i.e tell them to invite two-two people each under their business, 2+2=4), for this you're entitle to 90% each. 

The formula is; 

So, you need six(6) people both direct and indirect downlines

Direct downlines; 


Indirect downlines; 90%+90%+90%+90%=360% Therefore, 18%+360%= 378%     

€10 x 378%=€37.8. 

The next thing is move to stages two with your direct and indirect downlines and so on till stages ten(10). 

These are the summaries of your earning

BASICALLY You basically earn:- 9% – €0.9 x 2 = $1.8 (From your first two people) 

  And 90%– €9 x 4 = €36 That is a total earning of €37.8 (378% return on investment Waooo!!!) with just your one-time only €10 investment only.

 You can then leverage your €37.8 through the other higher levels of the compensation plan with your same team of just 6. 

 With this you can earn over €22,680 within the shortest possible time as it does not involve the long chain of continuous bringing in of people that is known with most conventional network marketing systems. Remember at any level or stage, you can always circle out optionally. You can decide to quit after earning your €37.8 from stage 1 if you wish.


The whole system consist of 10 different levels for you to notionally leverage on. Below are the details; 

 Here is the Level earnings Breakdown

1- €10 cycle to earn. €37.8

 2- €25 cycle to earn. €94.5

 3- €50 cycle to earn. €189

 4- €100 cycle to earn. €378

 5- €250 cycle to earn. €945

 6- €500 cyle to earn. €1890

 7- €1000 cycle to earn. €3780

 8- €2000 cycle to earn. €7560

 9- €4000 cycle to earn. €15120

 10- €6000 cycle to earn €22680.

 For a total earnings of 378% return on investment at every level with just a team of 6 people only to circle out at every level. You can choose to maintain your initial 6 people, encourage them and work together till you all circle out. 

 Isn't this amazing?

ONE SECRET REVEALED: Did you observe that since there are only 10 Levels and you need only 6 people to circle out from each level? 

 Here is the secret; This means when you impart the right knowledge into only 60 people, you have call to know how to register 0703062

This article was published on 05.06.2016 by Debby Balogun
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