Internet Network Marketing

Internet Network Marketing

From MLM (Multi Level Marketing) to Network Marketing, the game has changed by leaps and bounds. But has it really changed that much?

MLM has long been a way of getting products and services to the market place by utilizing the networks of people from all works of life. Typically word of mouth advertising is what it's been know as. Talking with friends and family was the approach (and still is) that many leaders suggested to their new recurits.

Using the Product – This has been the key to getting people hooked on a product to the point of them buying it month in and month out. People who use products and like them have a tendency to use them for as long as they get a result from the product.

What also happens is people who use products from a certain company have a tendency to investigate other products. Because they have grown to trust the results of one product, it's not too hard to take a chance on trying other products. Just imagine a customer using four or five products and you're the sponsor. This is one of the ways we as sponsors see our income increase.

Recommending the Product/Opportunity - It's really not that hard to recommend a product or business opportunity if you're seeing any kind of success. Recommending is as simple as saying, “I've been using this product and it's really been giving me great results.” That's it. People we know are always curious about what we're up to. Espsecially if it seems as though we've been pretty quite about it and they can physically see the results.

Recommending your opportunity can be done in a similar fashion as recomending the product. Even before you see any degree of success, your excitement can become contagious as you share (not over share) with your friends and family. Hopefully they know you well enough to realize that you would only get involved with something that would benefit your lifestyle and enhance the quality of life for your family. Recommending your opportunity can be done without pressure and when it's done right can bring good success to you and your team as you teach them how you do what you do.

Sponsoring – Here is the component of the MLM equation where many folks get stuck. It's a step beyond recommending. This is where you are asking for your prospects to join you. Sometimes it doesn't matter if there is money involved in joining or not. People tend to freeze up when it comes to pulling the trigger regarding getting involved with their MLM opportunity.

Marketers who master sponsoring others are the ones who understand they are really helping people. The folks they are asking to join them are being asked only after they have been exposed to the benefits of the product or opportunity. Helping people be reminded of the things they liked best of what they have seen is what sponsors do. There is no hard selling or pressure of any kind with the right sponsor. Great sponsors want to start off on the right foot with those they sponsor. So, it's important to them that they come across as caring and supportive. That's sponsoring with high integrity.

Now imagine speeding up the process. Network Marketing professionals are utilizing professional tools like brick and mortar businesses. Just like offline businesses take advantage of online tools, professional Network Marketers use online tools and help their teams learn how to use online tools.

Speed to market is so vital today. No longer can people hide behind big smiles and fast talk. The online search engines make it possible to find out about people in a nano second. Professional Network Marketers know this and maintain their professionalism because they know their prospects are smart people who will do their due diligence using the internet search engines.

What I've shared here is just a tid bit of how we've arrived to the world of Internet Network Marketing.

Ced Reynolds


This article was published on 20.06.2016 by Ced Reynolds
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