This is what I use for my capture page and how I get over 100 leads per day.

Hello again,

I want to give a little better explanation of the system I use for my lead capture page and how it works.  Also to show you the platform I am using generates me 100 leads per day, 7 days a week for my business.

First a little about the lead capture page.  This only cost me a one time fee of $7.00.  What it does is gives me a nice lead capture page to collect information and sends follow up emails automatically for me once they opt it to take a look.  The cool thing is not only does the system send follow up emails for my primary business every other day to my contact, on the days it does not send emails for my primary business it sends emails promoting the lead capture page system.  If your contact decides to use the system for the business they are in, you get paid $6 out of the $7 dollars they spent on it.  You can also share this $7 dollar system with your team and each time someone decides to use it.... there's another $7 for you. This may not sound like a lot,  but money is money in my book. And I generate a lot of $6.00 commissions.  This is well worth taking a closer look at.  >>> CLICK HERE <<<                   

You will also have this system for life for that one time $7 dollar fee and your leads will stay in your back office to follow up with at any time.

Now, for how I am getting 100 leads per day or more.  With the system I use I generate 100 leads every day for my business for only $30 dollars per month.  That is SUPER cheap!  Think about it this way.....  That is 3,000 leads every month.  This system also gives you the platform to email your leads once every 24 hours.  

There is a way to double that to 200 leads daily, and get paid for sharing the platform with passive income.  You see, when you share this lead system with someone else and they join it doubles your leads to 200 daily.  If you decide to keep on sharing the system like me, they will pay you a portion of what your referral spends each month for their leads.  This is a great way go supplement your passive income.  :)  

For more info on getting 100 leads per day >>> CLICK HERE <<<

These platforms are so easy to use and they both have Facebook pages where you can ask questions and get tips from those that are having success.  

Here are the links again to check out both:

Lead Capture Page for a one time fee of $7.00.  >>>> CLICK HERE <<<<

100 leads daily for only $30 per month >>>> CLICK HERE <<<<

Have a Great Day!


This article was published on 05.11.2019 by Donnie Crisp
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Lead Lightning - Leads / Marketing, 7 USD to join

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