Earn $$ with member to member funding !!

Let me introduce you to a safe member to member funding program that is free to join. Now this is NOT Your Ordinary Program because you INSTANTLY receive donations from other members. Also 100% of all donations go directly member to member and so it is a ZERO Admin Fees program and is totally free. Because of this it is a totally No SCAMS, No gimmicks opportunity. I am adding a link below so that you can get more info before you decide to join.

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Join now to benefit from direct payments and spill over’s and you can turn a minimal investment like $20 into an endless stream of worldwide donations. We have something special here...Where Average & Ordinary People are making $100 to $1000 A Day! MEMBER-TO-MEMBER DONATIONS...DIRECTLY & INSTANTLY TO YOU! How Exciting Would It is to have Cash Payments Deposited INSTANTLY into your Bank Account or PayPal or any other Payment Processor Daily?

How does this work?

You start out by building your front line of 5 referrals, and it works like a 5x10 matrix. And as all matrix it pays you higher amounts on every level. Check the image below and you can see how it works.

comp plan

So far this program is doing well and in just short period of time they are over 110,000 members. A good system and the pay structure is solid. Just worry about getting your first 5 and it will grow from there, and remember to upgrade before your down line ( staying ahead of them , so you don't miss commission payments.


It's not a matrix, although the illustration looks like one. It has a "pass up" feature and matrix type system which allows for direct payments to you through whatever payment source you desire. You can get spill over’s, because everyone is only allowed to have 5 direct referrals on their frontline. But as you move through the stages, the payouts increase, and you get payments "passed up" to you depending on what stage you are in. So if you have paid up to stage 5 you'll be eligible to start receiving $200 payments. It's an interesting system that requires minimal effort and pays big. People are making a ton of money with it and it's still VERY EARLY. I'd advise you to jump on board now before the masses start coming in.

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Do the math

Lets discuss the worst case scenario - imagine you are not able to refer anyone. Rather than spend money to get traffic to your site or spend on expensive adsense etc. You can sponsor your 5 downlines and then upgrade to a $400 level.

so total cost will be , $20 - your fees, $100 - your 5 downlines and $400 to stage 7 = $520.

Now $520 will give you a referral bank of 78,125 people. Imagine if only 100 people pay you out of this 78k people, you will still make a lot of money.

All the best :)

Thank You

This article was published on 14.11.2016 by Hay Roz
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Peer Funding - member to memberfund, Free to join

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