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After your registration (with just 5 dollars =1000 naira only),  your earnings start  on a gradual note. But for you to grow to the point where you start earning in millions you must look away from your self once you register ur two downlines under you, you shift focus to them and ensure they register their own two, and so on. That way you grow. Here everyone is working together as a team. You and your two downlines and their own downlines etc. This is what makes it easy. You are not left alone to do it alone. 

 First stage is assistant manager stage(2x2 matrix stage) . Here all u need is just six people, ur two downlines and those your two downlines bringing there own two downlines, and you leave stage one. Here you are not paid anything yet, your earnings start rolling from the next stage. 

Second stage is the deputy manager stage (2x6 matrix stage). Here all you need is 126  people who must have all graduated from stage one. Once they come under you, you will be paid a sum total of 305 dollars =61,000 naira, and a tablet PC

Third stage is the managers stage(2x6 matrix stage also) . Here all you need is 126 people who must have graduated from second stage to come under you. Once this happens. Na serious money ooo, over 1.9 million naira cash rewards. It is here that you will be given your  tear rubber Kia Rio plus traveling allowance =200,000 naira ,  children allowance =200,000 naira.   VISION

1. To lift the poor out of poverty by providing platform for them to realize their wealthy potentials. 

2. To render help to the vulnerable in the society e.g. Widows, Orphans, Elderly, Sick, Prisoners, E.T.C such that they would realize the joy of living. 

3. To give back to the society by offering free training in skills acquisition to the young and old so that each person would have a legitimate means of livelihood. 

GHA is not only a network but also a benevolence platform that is committed to the eradication of poverty and bringing many into the threshold of abundance. 

GHA is the Cheapest, the Best and the most simple in the world. Our compensation package is second to none. 

In fact you have no risk, and you lose nothing when you become part of us.


Having studied various businesses and pitfalls inherent in them, this was brought up with the inspiration of the SUPREME ONE who provided all that is required for its eventual launching. 

IF you are desirous of helping others and making some good money for yourself in the process then you are in the right place. 

You are encouraged to give this a trial and not only a trial but also all that it takes to make it work and succeed in it. 

You become a partner with us by contributing US$5 once. That is the seed that would yield millions for you. 

Then you are encouraged to bring in as partners TWO people to join your TEAM. Don't have a job? Are you looking for a ways to make real money at home? Are you looking for a way to render help to the vulnerable in your society? Do you want become somebody in your family? If YES today bring you something that will turn you into a great and powerful individual by the Grace of GOD.

A lot of people are already into this system while we are left behind, But today Introducing the best way to make money online with Global Helpers Alliance.

The Global helpers alliance is established to support humankind in their quest to achieve financial freedom through provision of legal and legitimate ways of raising cash for legitimate purposes.

I welcome you to the most profitable business you could do on the earth today and also the cheapest business ever.

The simple fact that you are on this website reading this piece of information simply means that you want to make GOOD MONEY from CHEAP, GENUINE, SIMPLE and LEGITIMATE BUSINESS AND ALSO PUT SMILES ON THE FACES OF THE LESS FORTUNATE ONES. 

But the problem most people have is that most of the information they have access to always has one issue or the other. It is either the information is: 





What we bring to you is the opposite of what we mentioned in 1 to 4 above.....   All these will be happening because, you took a decision to join this GHA group in other to help the poor and needy around you, please don't forget them as your millions starts rolling. 

After this stage, you now enter the last stage. Which is the General manager stage(2x3 matrix stage) . Here you need just 14 people who must have graduated from stage 3, and you are already swimming in millions, you will be paid  cash reward of 3.8 million naira and you go home with your  Hyundai jeep plus other mind blowing incentives including your house allowance of 3 million naira,  and traveling allowance of 600, 000 naira. 

 It is here also that you will be given project money worth 400, 000 naira to empower any poor or wretched person in your community. Isn't it wonderful?  Please don't hesitate it is more than real!!!

 If you want to remain poor or broke the choice is urs!! 

let's join you to our team where you are mentored and assisted to success after ur registration.   4. REQUIRES YOU WORK ALL DAY LIKE A SLAVE. 

What we bring to you is the opposite of what we mentioned in 1 to 4 above..... 

The partnership is 


What will you do if you could earn above US $100,000 within the next 180 days without working like a slave from 7am to 7pm? 

How will you invest or spend your new income?

Build a new house?

Buy a new car?

Travel on vacation to exotic places

But if I tell you that with this new partnership you don't have to spend your hard earned cash on all these things. YES. You heard me, the Global Helpers Alliance provides you with all these and much more. 

As a man thinks in his heart, so is he - The Bible. Therefore, if you believe that you can make it in life, you are at the right place. 

These are no empty promises, they are REAL! 

Therefore, the fact that you are reading this vital piece of information simply means that you have dreams and you are ready to bring your dreams into reality. 

WELCOME to the world of where paupers are turned to millionaires and millionaires are turned to super rich personalities.

For more information... Contact me on 07030959289 or w

hatsapp me 07030959289

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