Are you making EXCUSES or just plain out not doing what needs to be done?

A culture is created simply by YOU making a decision about how things should be, then communicating that decision to bring the other members of your group around to the same idea.

One thing that needs to shift culture-wise for this group—for the Power Lead System team—is the shift from thinking in terms of $20 monthly commissions, to thinking in terms of how many $500 front-end commissions get closed each week.

Here’s a great question to ask yourself before any decision you make: “Is this how a Top-Producer would look at it?”

There are too many of you thinking UNLIKE top-producer, but more like an insufficient producer.

See, every single person on the team should be all-in as Platinum, because that is what works far better than anything else.

The idea that one will start with $20 monthly commissions and “work their way up” is wrong. If you consider how many members you’d have to put in at $20 monthly in order to work your way up… and you actually resolve to do exactly that… and you are not Platinum… all you are really doing is flushing tens of thousands of dollars down the toilet.

Now, if one has no resolve and no commitment, they are never going to get anywhere in any business anyway. But you get that concept? If you ARE going to work it… then you’re working it. And if you are working it, you need to be fully positioned.

It’s the difference between $5000 on the front-end, plus approximately $200 in monthly commissions versus $0 on the front-end, plus approximately $200 in monthly commissions, based on the same number of new members enrolled.

Conservatism is a STOP. Allow me to translate: That means, that being “conservative” STOPS your progress… I’m not talking about POLITICAL “Conservatism”. I’m talking about your emotional TONE.

“Hmmm…. let’s see how it goes and maybe, as long as such-and-such happens, then I might…” That’s conservative. That is NOT INTENTION.

Intention is “Let’s get it done ASAP!”

You want to know what the real difference is between top-producers versus those who never seem to get off the ground?

It’s not how much data they have. It’s not experience. It’s INTENTION. It’s making a commitment to oneself and then going forth to achieve the postulated goal, period.

A top-producer does not “Q & A”. He does what needs to be done to create the results.

POSITIONING is mandatory for anyone who wants to get free with this program.

It’s not “mandatory” because of some arbitrary law or just because I said so. It’s “mandatory” because THAT is where the money comes in. THAT is what allows you to get into profit in the first month. THAT is what allows you to create a 6-figure income in the first 90 days. Personally I think PLS should ONLY offer the FULL package, but that it outside my control.

And THAT is where we need to take the culture of this group, because THAT is what works.

Namby-pamby does not build businesses. It does not create greatness and it does not create freedom.

Many of you will have to learn to start disagreeing with the ideas which have been laid in to your mind your entire lives, such as the idea that “it takes a long time to build something”, or “you have to work HARD”, or “Just take it slow and easy”.

These ideas create BROKE people, not top-producers.

We cannot FORCE you to get to work. We cannot FORCE you to do the things that will get you results. All we can do is continue to point out to you what will give you the best chance possible to achieve the goal that you have in mind.

Too often people come through, they don’t do what I tell them to do, they don’t get the results they think they should, then they quit.

While no one can GUARANTEE you results in business, it does need to be made clear to each and every person in this group that I’m not telling you these things because I just need something to talk about. I’m telling you these things because THAT is how you are going to get free, provided that the work ethic and commitment are also there.

Do you know how freakin’ easy this is once you have a subscriber list built up?

Many of you think it’s just “so hard”. It’s not. 

I get up in the morning and I send an email blast, and I answer some FB messages. Then I live my life. Then around 8:00pm I send another email blast and I answer a few more FB messages. And maybe twice per week for 15 minutes each time, I place orders for traffic.

That’s it!

And that is as free as you’re going to get unless you want to hire someone to handle that 30 minutes worth of work for you.

When you refuse to let go of the idea that you have to “hold on tight” to every penny you have, so you’re just going to take it slow and “see what happens” you are absolutely setting yourself up for failure.

In the Endless Free Leads 11.0 training you learn how to network on Facebook and LinkedIn. Get GOOD at it. And get ONE new Platinum member every day, 5 days per week…

That’s $2500 per week not including any monthly commissions.

That is not unrealistic by any stretch of the imagination. And if you were to take a job, working as a marketing assistant for some financial planner or something like that you’d be expected to make 150 phone calls per day and to book at least 10 appointments per day… for peanuts.

Now you have a chance to do it for yourself. But you have to immerse yourself. You have to commit. You have to get involved. You have to set targets and make them happen. You cannot make excuses in your own business and still get paid a wage. You have to be productive. And when you are not fully positioned you are making so incredibly HARD on yourself that it’s hard for me to even convey it.

The viewpoint should be: “If you want to start this business right it’s $644 now, then $53.97 monthly. Hardly even worth mentioning as a business start-up expense. And heck, you can even do split-pay on those so you could start with $322 if you have to.”

But then you’re positioned fully and you can actually earn worth a crap and get ahead if you’re willing to work.

And when you have the consideration of “I’ll just do as little as possible”, then that is exactly what your people do as well and you end up with crap results.

It’s YOU who has to create it. And it starts with your ideas about what you and your group are doing.

It’s very hard to help someone who isn’t willing to commit themselves and go all-in on their OWN business. It’s almost impossible. It’s very easy to help someone who has committed and they are all-in, because all that is left at that point is tweaking what they are DOING.

When I used to do phone work (before my subscriber list was sizable) I found myself asking people this very often: “Do you want to make money or not?” They’d say, “Yes.” I’d say, “If I tell you what to do are you going to do it, or are you going to give me excuses why you can’t do it?”. They’d say, “I’ll do it.” I’d say, “The FIRST thing that needs to happen is you need to get all-in and qualified all the way so that you can earn on all the upgrades in your sales funnel. I want you to log in and do that right now.” And MOST of them would say, “Er… uh… well… um… ha ha ha… (insert excuse here…)”


In 18 years of doing this I have yet to see even a single person knock it out of the park who wasn’t willing to commit. And what are they committing to? They are committing to THEMSELVES and to their family. That’s what.

And your commitment is your LEADERSHIP. Will some of you have to dig deep and do something that you are very uncomfortable with in order to get fully positioned. Probably, yes. Well, so what? I know for fact that being broke for rest of your life isn’t going to be any more comfortable. If you’re at the point where you’d have to struggle to go Platinum, you’re already BROKE. What are you going to be more “broke”?

If you are honestly so broke that $500 one direction or the other spell absolute catastrophe and homelessness for you… that means your past decisions and actions have been so lousy that you could probably just do the exact opposite of everything you think you’re supposed to do, and you’d start getting positive results.

Some folks won’t like this message because it disagrees with their “reasons”. And with the utmost love and respect for all of you, I am not interested in your “reasons” or your “feelings”. I’m not interested in MY “reasons” or feelings.

I’m interested in your getting RESULTS and in your people getting results. And we are not going to achieve that without some toughness and some make-it-go-right-no-matter-what. And that is the fact.

It will take toughness, commitment, and work to get yourself free. Waiting, complaining, excuses and procrastination will not get you there. Going fast enough to break things might. Getting outside your comfort zone is a must, since your comfort zone is what is creating your current results.

Literally every single one of you could be making $2000 per week or more in the next month IF YOU REALLY WANTED IT.


This article was published on 05.09.2016 by Shawn St Andre
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