Take Advantage of the Largest Shift of Wealth in American History!

A Massive Shift of Wealth is taking place right now!

According to Warren Buffet, energy deregulation will result in the largest shift of wealth in American history! Bigger than the railroad, bigger than the airlines, and bigger than Telecom! Energy is a $400 Billion a year industry!

And now it is possible for entrepreneurs to take advantage of this massive shift of wealth by gathering customers as a consultant and getting paid for their energy usage!

You can SAVE MONEY on Your Energy!

You can even get Your Energy for FREE!

And that’s not just one time but month after month, for the rest of your life, as long as you maintain 15 paying customers!

And you can also MAKE MONEY every time someone turns on the lights!!

Get started risk free when you allow me to sign up your first 3 customers, then join my team as a consultant and I transfer your customers to your account and trigger your $100.00 Bonus. This covers your one-time initial start-up fee of $75.00 + $24.99/mo. for a suite of Business Building Websites! So Get 3 and it’s FREE!

With the RIGHT COMPENSATION PLAN, the RIGHT PRODUCT at the RIGHT TIME you can be on your way to earning your Financial Freedom in no time!

You have the opportunity to promote to new levels and the more you promote, the more you get paid! When you promote to the First Level you get paid an additional $55.00 on top of the original $100.00 for every person you personally sponsor when you help them get their first few customers!

Then promote and earn additional raises! All the way up to National Consultant! This leads to long term residual income. So on top of bonuses, you get paid every time your customers pay their energy bill!

You also earn income on your team member’s customers – All the way through 7 Levels!

But Ambit Energy takes your earning potential one step further – As you move up through the different levels you can qualify to earn a bonus on every customer that comes into your entire organization – Through Unlimited Levels!

So there’s 3 ways to Earn Income!

1) Bonuses for Signing up your own Customers when you initially get started

2) Team Bonuses when members of your team sign up customers!

3) Residual Income based on your Customers energy usage through 7 Levels, plus an additional amount of $.25 on every customer through Unlimited Levels!

So contact me if you’re ready to Energize Your Income and change your Financial Future!


Best Regards, 

Michael Stone

Ambit Energy Regional Consultant
This article was published on 23.06.2016 by Michael Stone
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