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Just 6 weeks ago I joined a new opportunity which came out of an older opportunity I was in, it is called Elemental Ads and is a unique matrix building system that costs just US$2.00 to get into (And thats a 1 time US$2.00).  I am part of a team and our team is nearly 30% of the whole ( See the video here ), now thats an accomplishment I and my team members are quite proud of.  The matrix system is a 2 x 2 and has 4 matrices to each level of build, quite unique really..  Our team monitor all the teams build so that no one is left behind, each day out team leader scours the boards and advises each member on what he/she should do to further the team and their own effort, again, this is a unique feature I have not seen anywhere else.  Should anyone want to know more then why not check out this Elemental Ads is On Fire .  My hope is that I too can build a substantial team as time goes on. 

Elemental Ads use the theme "Earth, Wind, Fire, Water.  In each element we need to progress through 4 boards of 2 x 2 matrices, except in Fire and Water elements where it's just 3 then 2 matrices... earnings are build progressively and provided everyone sings from the same hymn sheet we all earn in the thousands, at just $2.00 to start the system is built for everyone and anyone, all that's needed is to follow the greenback road heheh, and of course if one is part of our team then following our team leader is both profitable and useful.

For anyone who may be sceptical then I have this to say.. You can't win it if you're not in it...  At US$2.00 there is not even the loss of a decent cup of coffee should it not work out for each member.  Personally I love the opportunity both to be part of this team and to offer the opportunity to the wder Internet audience I can reach by using media such as MLMGateway, unfortunately I do not have the funds to be able to upgrade here in and so I cannot reach the many many members who have enquired about Elemental Ads over the past week or so, to those I apologise, but hope also that in time they will see this article and follow through.
This article was published on 02.08.2016 by Edward John Jones
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Protasio Chipulu I like the of concept Elemental Ads, sounds good but my experience of working with matrices has not been good, so I opted for MAPS which has referrals but my growth is independent  1 year ago

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