Time to invest in YOURSELF

If you have done network marketing before you probably felt like you signed up and then were thrown to the wolves. It has probably made you a bit fearful in signing up for another one. You took your own money, bought a product, were told you were going to make all this money, and didn't. You didn't even make back the money you initially paid. You probably have a bit of fear in doing it again and who can blame you!! That's how I was.

Then I meet someone that did ID Life and it just felt different. The product is different than other health and wellness network marketing programs. You can go online and fill out an assessment, then get vitamins and nutrition supplements designed for YOU!! You cant even do that when you go into GNC. All products are all natural. We even have a line of vegan products.

But here is what really made me say lets give this a try. See I didn't sit down with someone that was new to the business and just trying to get there 1st sale. I didn't drive over to a location with 100 people in a building watching the same video then hearing a quick sales pitch. One of the top guys drove out to me. Sat down with me one on one. Asked me what my career goals were. Asked how much I needed to make to leave my job. He was design a game plan specifically for me. Then he said "My goal is to get back the money that you invested within 30 days. It isn't going to be easy and you are going to have to follow these exact steps. If you do that and you do not make your money back in 30 days I will pay you the difference." He told me how he calls his new people everyday for a minimum of 2 months with ideas. How he actually drives to them and presents the product himself. That he only takes on 4 new people at a time to make sure they know everything he knows. Game changer!!

If you like to go to the gym and work out or if you just want to get healthier feel free to go to npearsonhealth.idlife.com to take your free assessment and see what products we have designed just for you. If you are interested in knowing more about the business send me a message. The person mentoring me is one of the guys you see in the advertisement picture!! We would love for you to join us.  Have a great day.
This article was published on 24.08.2016 by Nicole Pearson
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