What is your "why"?

The health and wellness company that I am with has done great over its 14 years in existence and is in full momentum as it opens up and expands globally one market at a time. You can view my site at: http://destiny4.isagenix.com Now there are many who thrive in the MLM business and many that don't. I always believe that all things being equal then the key is the person's commitment to their "why" that makes the difference, but maybe not all the time.

One other major key is to be able to match and replace the products that you may order. Instead of drinking "this" today, drink this from the company. Instead of eating this today, eat this from the company. Instead of supplementing with this, supplement with this from the company. You get the idea. My company has plenty of diverse products to choose from across all spectrums of health, wellness and nutrition. I truly realize and respect that this business opportunity or that just being a consumer of these products is not for everybody, but I did feel that an explanation as to why there may be an increase in opportunity or consumer product marketing to the "masses" should be given and that is that people's "why's" are getting stronger by the day and possibly a reflection of the times.

There are many why's. It could be your family, it could be your retirement, your kids education, your dream house, your vacation home, your vacation, just to make ends meet, ect., ect. There are so many why's and they are all very real to all of us. The great thing about the why is that it serves to motivate us and also gives us the strength when things have a little lull. It sometimes helps us to see the forest for the trees.

I am obviously hoping that if anyone "sees" the win-win possibilities of this Isagenix opportunity that they go to my site: http://destiny4.isagenix.com and they contact me about being part of the Isagenix family. Or at least contact me to explore any ideas. All information and learning material is on my site. A strong why and proper knowledge is also necessary in this industry as it keeps us going and allows us to take new paths as we learn that there are many ways to achieve our goals. Thank you and good luck to all, Anthony

This article was published on 10.03.2016 by Anthony Lombardo
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