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Imagine being in a business opportunity where the majority of everyone you talk to will qualify for what you offer.  I hope you are ready for what I am about to share with you. No license required, write from the comforts of your home in all fifty states. You will never run of of people to talk to. No weight questions asked, no credit checks, people who are imprisoned will qualify the day they walk free, age 0 to 80 years old can qualify, no medical exams, no restricting to nursing home residents, no immigration status, no social security info required, suicides are covered, many people who are turned down for adverse driving history will qualify as there are no driving history questions asked. Free airfare for the plan holder and {remains or body}, we will ship the body to another country or another state. If you like what you are reading, it gets better. Up to 7 people on a plan, can be relatives, or no relation, plus they do not have to live in the same house, or for that matter not in the same state, or the same country. All for the low price of $50.00 to $75.00 per month. That's right all 7 people on the plan included for that price. Do you have any idea how many people in this country have no coverage, none, not any, notta. How about 88% of people living in households in this country with no coverage. So you are saying, ok I love those benefits, but what about the income opportunity. Let me tell you that you can be a Funeral director, Clergy, Insurance Salesperson, housewife,  retired, or any other profession or no profession at all. Criminal records, not a problem. We have not talked about the amazing pay plan and commissions. The potential for $240,000 a year as a Regional Directior is possible. This is a membership, not insurance. It's like joining Costo, or Sam's Club. Simply check out to see additional information. We have ongoing training to get you up and running your business. There is no cost to join, however there is a certification course that you are required to take so that you will be familiar with the products. That is no cost as well. The fall is here, the holidays are coming, wouldn't it be nice to go into the grocery stores, the shopping centers with monies to purchase the things you want for your family. You can do that and we will provide the help you need to make it happen. I look forward to helping you create another avenue of income into your household. Get back with me at 804-919-4443 and check out my information at
This article was published on 28.10.2021 by Ralph Bolling
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Amazing 7 member Plan - Burial Assist Plan, Free to join

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Sharon Wilton You mentioned that this is available in all 50 states. I'm really interested in this but i live in another country. Can I do this?  6 months ago

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