I Just Found Out How We Can Get 20% Cash Back On Our Groceries And Gas!

I Just Found Out How We Can Get 20% Cash Back On Our Groceries And Gas!

Earn 20% cash back for shopping at the stores you select.  

Saivian is a relatively new cash back membership program that allows you to receive money back on your shopping.  Let me explain.  With most cash back programs, they can be burdensome to deal with.  There either coupon codes you need to download before making your purchases or most discounts are limited to selected items such as you can receive 20% on an entire purchase if you buy 15 pairs of socks or something to that effect.     

However, with Saivian, all of your purchases from restaurants, retail stores, coffee shops, etc., etc. these purchases are eligible for 20% cash back.  And cash back with no hassles is excellent.  

Here is the WHY of the program.  Most all retailers spend millions on market research.  Their aim is to understand the market--how, why, and what of consumer shopping.  This information ultimately helps them to advertise efficiently to the right demographics    

Saivian is the collection company that collects data from consumers and provides this information to the retailers so they can effectively make accurate advertising decisions.  

How do you become a member of Saivian?  It is quite simple.  

1).  Join at http://www.markt.saivian.net

2). Once enrolled, you will register ten stores that you frequent, restaurant, coffee shop, department stores, any brick, and mortar facility.


3).  Each week, Sunday to Saturday, you will log into you account and submit your weekly receipts, up to $60 per week. 


4).  Once per month, you will submit your receipts to Saivian by utilizing an app to scan your receipts for easy submission.  The entire process and is a very simple way to earn money.   But it gets even better.  

Earlier, I stated that a Savian membership is $125 every 28 days, and maybe that is a drawback for you.  Consider this example.

If you receive $60 week for four weeks, that is $240 per month.   If you minus $125 the cost of your membership, that leaves you with a total of approximately $115.  But, if you share the Saivian concept with three people, and they join,   then your membership is free, and you receive from Saivian $5 per day for those three people.  And the dollar amount grows as you continue to share.  Contact me for the Saivian Pay Plan.   

 I look forward to hearing from you.  Contact me at m59ant@me.com or the link above http://markt.saivian.net  

This article was published on 29.08.2016 by MarkAnthony Thomas
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