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Can your opportunity withstand economic scrutiny?

Network marketing is facing a major population shortage.

Have you ever put pencil to paper and started to look at the numbers of reps and customers available for your product and business opportunity?

Supply and demand is a pretty simple concept for almost everyone in the business world to grasp with the glaring exception of network marketers. Even drug dealers understand that competition (supply) from other dealers in any geographical area reduces the amount of drug users (demand) available per dealer. This is business 101.

I understood this principle as a child growing up in a household of business owners.

It doesn't matter what company you're in, they will all make you rich on paper in a hypothetical geometrically growing organization. That is the ONLY hook for every opportunity with a product of questionable value, which is true for more than the 95% of all companies operating in the U.S..


Can the “unique” product that your company is delivering to the END consumer stand on its own in the marketplace without a financial reward factored in?  That is REALLY the question you need to ask yourself… honestly. Are people who don't want to sell anything (which is greater than 95% of the General Public) going to buy your product on an ongoing basis?

The "promise" of network marketing is long term “residual income”, that circumstance happens so rarely that it's almost laughable that  it's used so pervasively in our industry. It's not even true 10% of the time. Because most companies either go out of business or the business opportunity is the only thing that drives any sustained growth which eventually collapses.

This has been confirmed time  and again for over 50 years of MLM history.

So what's my angle?... because everybody on this site has one. My agenda is to help people at whatever level I can. I give advice with no ulterior motive frequently to other reps within and outside of my own company, because it's the right thing to do and I happen to like doing it for the satisfaction it gives me to know I helped another human.

Do I want to sponsor quality people into my business and actually help them succeed? Of course I do but only because after crunching the numbers, which I'm going to reveal to you below, I believe what I can offer them represents a viable income opportunity for the foreseeable future to create obscene wealth for the visionary people who not only join, but are willing to work their tails off in order to achieve it.

I know because I joined the company with that criteria 25 years ago. This particular opportunity checked all the boxes for me because I know what to look for.

I also believe one of the responsibilities of having experience and practical knowledge is to share it with those with limited experience or none to alleviate unnecessary pain. I've witnessed so much heartache and disappointment in this industry because of the callousness and greed committed by many unethical people who promote lousy opportunities.

The problem most MLM opportunities face is a lack of market dominance-  price vs. value based competition when comparing similar products. I'm not asserting your product is not good, it is in many cases, but the buying public has demonstrated they will not purchase from most MLM companies on a continuing basis for many reasons I do not have time here on which  to elaborate.

The Brutal Truth:

There are forces at work greater than you whether or not you choose to acknowledge them.

There are about 2,000 MLM companies operating in the U.S. with approximately 18 million distributors/customers. Divide that into equal portions and on average that is roughly 9,000 reps per company. Let's be extremely optimistic and say for every active distributor there are 2 non-distributor customers (in most companies this ratio does not exist).

That is a minimum of 6 million people who are pursuing an income opportunity that requires recruiting a team of growing distributors. It's not just your company this is happening in, it's in all companies.

How large is your prospect pool?

Of the remaining 300 million people in the U.S., how many are of the proper recruiting age of 21- 65?

Only about 200 million who are not involved in MLM!

That leaves about 10 million people (5%) who are “sales types”. Most people, no matter how much they love a thing would never consider selling it as a career. If that were really the case everybody would be selling many things. This is why believing in converting satisfied customers into reps rarely ever works.


Of those 10 million, how many want to sell overpriced vitamins, shampoo, or cosmetics to their friends? People who want to sell anything are already selling something, and those who are really good at it know that since MLM has such a low commission rate on personal sales is the reason they sell big ticket items like cars and houses. Even though MLM isn't primarily about selling, the perception is reinforced by how most reps operate.

So what is the solution for you and 99% of the reps in America? The companies that continue to stay in business are doing so by expanding internationally. Who does that benefit?

The small town guy or gal you just sponsored or the top dog established distributor with international connections?

There may be an answer if you can see the future before it arrives:

I really didn't understand the market potential until presented with the data myself.

Here are 2 options:

1.You can continue down the path you're on currently and refuse to even entertain the notion  of something else existing to win your financial freedom.


2. If you are open to looking an exceptional business opportunity with these aspects:

Value based

Competitively priced

Track record of repeat sales

Vertically growing market

Customers who will purchase without any financial incentive.

No competitors in the network marketing industry.

Whichever one you choose I wish you the best

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This article was published on 04.09.2019 by Kevin Harrison
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