Affiliates VS Your Own - The Exceptions

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If you havent been following my series of Affiliates vs Your Own I recommend you to check out my latest press releases to see how the whole picture fit together and see how you too can suceeed in the world of affiliate marketing with less effort as possible.

This is my last post on these series so I definitely recommend you to have a look at the past ones so you are sure you havent missed out on anything.

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Now, there are people out there who promote affiliate systems really well, and very rarely release their own products if at all. You might be wondering how they did it, and why I'm telling you not to do it. Well, the answer is simple. If you look back in their marketing history, it's likely that they already have all these resources in place, and can sit back and promote affiliate programs to their hearts content, and bring in tens of thousands of dollars a month just doing this alone.

Remember, above all that your own products are your vehicle to increased resources, a much more powerful and trustworthy brand for yourself, a list of much better quality, more and better quality contacts to perform and exchange joint ventures with, and most importantly, an army of affiliates. Put all those together, and you have one heck of a solid money making system right there.

Don't worry if you're thinking "But I don't know how to create my own product" or "But I don't have the money to build and start selling my own product", I'll be showing you exactly how to overcome this in the upcoming reports, and of course how to come up with folders full of ideas for your own products that you can create and sell.

In the big examples above, your own products are the harvesters of resources, and give you the opportunity to promote other peoples products successfully. Commit that snowball effect to memory, because if you really do follow this course and what we’re telling you, that's where your business is headed for in the future.

On my next articles,  we’ll be talking about membership sites, and single sale sites, the pro’s and cons of each, and just what it takes to create each of them.

This will allow you to make an educated choice for your product, and chose the most profitable option for you.

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Bruno Duarte & Homebiz Essentials

This article was published on 29.01.2016 by Bruno Duarte
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