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I'm gonna guess that you've been seeing a ton of ads populating your newsfeed about how to run a digital business from your phone or laptop. But how many of them give you details about what it all entails? You're going to appreciate this write up because I'm going to give you the facts you need to make an educated assessment.

Popular reasons people reach out to me to show them how to start a virtual business are the ideals of having more time for family and favorite interests, without putting strain on their overall household budget. Many use it to supplement or replace their current earnings. With digital business the options are countless, which means results will vary depending on your goals, decisions and strategies.

How many out there say to themselves over and over that they need a change. Something different that gives them a reason to wake up every morning and be excited about what they’re doing. Something that does not require an early alarm clock, enduring rush hour traffic, being confined to four walls or a desk and being present for the exact days and times dictated to us by someone else.

I personally went through all these things during my 14 years in the legal field. Unsatisfied with being held back and never getting ahead, I searched for solutions in the online space.

I mean, let’s face it, technology is here to stay. We use the internet for everything these days. Banking, research, gaming, socializing, booking travel. When you look at our kids not only are they on their smartphones they're on their tablets and computers. It just makes sense to earn from it, too.

After diligent research and expelling the shady gigs, I found an amazing digital system. It finds and closes sales for me day and night.

Pretty sweet that I don’t have to handle any selling!

What I do is spend just a couple hours a week to check in on things, that's easy.

Can't beat the convenience of it. Take it wherever you go. Check in on the program while watching tv, sitting in a waiting room, or while on vacation.

When you run a virtual business there are no four walls. No office politics. No closing doors.

We run our business from our kitchens, sofas, while we’re on the go… it’s flexible so we can enjoy life and feel confident that business continues in the background.

As a business consultant I'm going to teach you how to set up and run your own virtual company. You’ll have access to how-to videos, all the marketing tools you might need to succeed. Owners focus on marketing and not have to handle sales, inventory, shipping, etc.

It's for anyone, any age, doesn't matter where you are in life, doesn't matter what background. We provide excellent, thorough training for people from any industry. You don't need a business degree, you don’t need technical skills. There is no selling, there is no cold calling. The program does most of the heavy lifting.

As I mentioned, you would be handling the marketing of your business. If you become involved through my team, you’ll have templates that you can copy and paste, then just let it be to run continuously around the clock. Check in on it from time to time throughout the week just to make sure things are still on track.

I will personally show you how to do it and will continue to help you for as long as you need.

We have made the system user friendly so that people can run with it even if they don’t have any tech skills. So the only question you need to ask yourself is … Are you eager for change and start something new?

Another thing, I’m super fabulous and all, but you'd also be enjoying mentorship from thousands of other business owners in this global community.

We are around the world. And that is one of the things I love about digital business.

We are government registered and have head offices in 38 countries. Tax slips will be provided to you annually and you just claim your earnings based on the laws of your country.

Now this business may not be for you. It’s not for everyone but how are you going to know unless you check it out?

For me, I wanted a way to control my time, choose when I worked, where I worked and have the ability to spend more time doing the things I enjoy.

So if you're looking for a change, hop on over to my website and save your seat for a virtual workshop information session that we hold live twice a week.

The workshop is complimentary, and previous recordings are available at any time. Once you have registered on my website I will email you additional information, a personalized link to the live info session, and access to a recording of our last one that you can watch right now.

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This article was published on 02.08.2021 by Bri Biz Consulting
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