Whole World Donate It Forward System

 The power of leverage is not a new concept. Through out nature you can see leverage in the way nature take one seed grain, and multiply it into hundreds of grains. Imagine the power of people doing the same. You would have a family. That family could grow into a huge family of hundreds. Now apply this to making money. A little effort could multiply into thousands, even millions by using a simple leverage scale.

Donate it forward, people to people ,people helping people systems. Do you like MLM, multi- level, leveraging systems? Crowdfunding systems that helping people in need. Charity programs that help children with medical problems. What about a 7 level system where you can use other people time, money and effort to grow your money while you donate to help others.

What would that kind of system look like? Well, everyone that participate would start at the same point. It would stop us from competing with each other. You would be helping others to grow while others, are helping you, grow. I would like to share with you a crowdfunding type system that makes it easy for all who participate, can leverage a $100 into thousands, even millions if we all work together.

Whole World International is a international charity program with a twist. By donating to help other you will position yourself to be helped. Watch the short video that will explain how it works.  

To date, more than 1 000 000 people all over the world are participants of the international charity project, Whole World and their number is steadily growing.

One of the main reasons for such a high popularity of our community is the use of the Partnership Fundraising concept, thanks to which any interested person within only a few weeks of participation can send millions of dollars for charitable purposes by making simple manipulations and get steadily growing income generated by the simultaneously formed partnership structure.

Suppose, we can come together, as partners, to create an atmosphere of well being, goodwill to all, A hand in hand, people to people, People helping people, expand their money. A bill comes in, lights, mortgage's, car notes, and we have no resources. living from paycheck to paycheck We have all experienced some events where we are face with some adversities.  Partner up with Whole World International and help us grow together.

This article was published on 07.05.2020 by Beyah Saleem
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