Calling All The Entrepreneurs...

My name is Caroleena!

I've been network marketing for 5+ years now, in the time I've been online financially, I've learned so much! I am 27 years old, I started working online before my daughter was here. (Part-time) I still had my "DAY JOB" and was struggling to even "make it" I was pacing myself, Always spending MORE then What I even had my racking up credit cards. Now, I talk to people about finances; How to save, invest and earn.   Put it this way, Back in 2014 My credit score was BELOW 400...  

I didn't want to live the way I did and, I was completely "stumped" to where to start and how to get out of the debt that impacted my life.  I just knew, I was so unhappy and couldn't depend on credit cards anymore to "Save" me while it was killing me. So, I took the initial step, I tried different programs that allowed me to understand affiliate Marketing. It wasn't until, a couple fail attempts I actually understood the "basics" and once I got the "Basics" I started becoming more qualified for this Opportunity that is now my Residual income!

Working online is SO much fun, You meet so many people around the world who network with you, keep you engaged and keep you inspired. I Have many mentors and people that motivated me in my life that aren't in my company and I, am not in theirs but, We support one another! 

What Journey are you on? Would you like, To take a look at what has me 1500+ people on my team and rapidly growing? Are you on a journey on your own? Lets chat Mentor to mentor! I would love to send you my TIPS and my advice on how, I'm expanding my business, my content and my Life-style.

What is the reason behind your Journey? What is your MOTIVATION? What makes you get up in the morning and turn on the coffee pot? Mine has to be the future of my Daughter & Husband! The consistency of knowing I want to help fund my mom's Retirement, The upliftment I get from helping others Going after their Dreams. The funding of my daughter's education and Teaching her the important lessons of "dreams becoming reality when you are consistent" 

So, What do you say? are you On board in Seeing what my Opportunity has? Are you ready to change your outcome and STOP Living month to month? are You done worrying? You've got to make a change in order to make this Reality. Start investing in YOURSELF!

LETS CONNECT! <----------- You can also find me on FB at

This article was published on 20.11.2020 by Caroline Burt
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