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Once told me when I was a kid, I could not reach the summit of Aconcagua (Mendoza, Argentina, where I was born) (6292 m) for my problem lungs. They have 45 years have passed since and climbed to the summit but reaches 6000 m.

Again I was told it was not possible for my problem cervical (I'm back surgery) he could return to cycling, it's been 6 years since my operation and every week I walk 25 kms bike (one of my hobbies of all lifetime).

What do we do? or that's "not" can we do? It simply depends on "us" we want to impose limits. With pacience, persistence and perseverance anything is possible. Never stop trying something you want or dream about. It is the worst mistake you can make. He is tenacious, persistent and you will come to success sooner or later. Never get off the train to take you to the clouds of your dreams.

Patience and perseverance, two of the most important virtues in any internet business. But mainly the most important in any endeavor is to have a vocation of service and want to help people who contact us for help. If you "give answers to problems" or "solutions provided by you" everyone  will follow you whatever business you do.

I am at your disposal for anything you need. I love the online advertising and business opportunity. Every opportunity is based on the people who make them, therefore, we must help others as much as you can and will follow you whatever you do.

A strong leader always leads by example. A good leader doesn't allow his own efforts to diminish simply because his income has increased. You are the leader and you set the standard for your team. Be excited about the business. Share your ideas and enthusiasm with others and always look forward. Listen to what the others have to say and be fair when making decisions, but always remain the motiviting force and guiding  light. They look to you and your efforts will  not be in van.

A leader is someone who is ahead of the pack. Even if it is only by one inch. They are doing, or have done, what they want or expect others to do. They are not watchers nor do they wait around. They take action...proper action....a lot of proper action! And they never give up!"

-Jack M. Zufelt

Untli always. And do not forget to visit my website. Thank you very much.

This article was published on 12.05.2016 by Jorge Marcelo Arauz
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