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What Plans are You Making Now?

The entire world dealt with the COVID-19 pandemic. It should cause everyone to give some thought about many things. Many lost their jobs. Some re-evaluated their lives and decided to make changes in their career. Now there are staff shortages everywhere. Yet many people are still looking for work.

I hope that we do not experience another pandemic or anything worse than this. However, because we are not certain, I am using this time to make preparations for a better future. I am determined to be in a better position.  So my question to all of you is what plans are you making now? Or have you already made the necessary plans? How do you feel about where you are now? Are you happy about where you are? If not, what do you plan to do about it? Maybe you know that you need to make some changes, and so you come here. You are exploring the different opportunities here, and you are trying to decide which opportunity is the right one for you. 

I work with a company that has the heart to help many types of people and groups. The company has a heart for leadership development, non-profits, and charities.  Inflation has made it difficult to afford groceries and other expenses.  What do you do? With a company that has a heart for empowerment, you are able to earn money helping non-profit organizations and develop leaders. You may be one of the people seeking their help. As a show of gratitude to the organizations, you could let them know you have a RESIDUAL fund-raising opportunity that you would like to share with them. You want them to be able to continue helping all of the different people. 

Then there are businesses that need additional revenue - especially now because you have far less customers than you normally do. You may be an essential business, but you clearly see the decrease in business. You may be able to take advantage of our revenue-generating solutions for your business. You may even want to consider having your business receive residual income for referring other businesses. Now you have another revenue stream. 

Finally, you may find it satisfying to be someone who makes money helping non-profits, small businesses (or large ones), and just everyday people. You may know someone else who is trying to make plans and trying to be in a better position for the future. You and your referrals could be earning and learning together, increasing your chances for a better tomorrow. 

Finally, I ask one more time, what plans are you making now? How are you spending this time while being furloughed, or completely laid off? There an opportunity for you, and I believe this is the one. There is ongoing training and support offered in the form of weekly webinar trainings. There is also a coaching/training website you may always refer to. You definitely able to earn as you learn. So, I invite you to take a look at

I look forward to working with you!

This article was published on 19.04.2020 by Marlo Thomas
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