HOW TO MAKE MONEY WITH PROJECT 1-9-90

                                               ONLINE NETWORKING AS A LEVERAGE SYSTEM:

                                             THE MILLIONAIRES SECRET, IS THE POWER OF LEVERAGE

One power that we have at our disposal that we often neglect to use is the power of leverage. I know what your next question is, what do you mean by leverage?

- Well, Leverage is the ability to use systems or other people's money, expertise, time, ideas, networks, internet, to achieve more, with less effort. 

- A key element to creating Wealth is Leverage. The ability to take something small (capital, opportunity, Internet, energy or intellect) and leverage the item into a huge result. 

The quickest and cheapest form of business leverage now-a-days is the Internet. For a few 10 Euros, you can earn thousands of dollars every month. Online Networking is building a down line of individuals, where you earn residual income, can also be considered leverage.

1-9-90 is an Online Neworking leveraging system that you can leverage on to achieve financial fortune with less effort, this possible because you are able to leverage on millions of people on the internet.

Project 1-9-90 is a uniquely designed BITCOIN network marketing business that is structured to make everyone earn within the shortest possible time-frame. Bitcoin is the world’s most successful crytocurrency till date with its current price at over $200 to a bitcoin. Bitcoin is well known worldwide and acceptable on most merchant/retail sales websites.

The word “network marketing” always sound scary to most people because they simply  

believe it is unrealistic.

Project 1-9-90 understood this fear of people going into networking because of misconception, cumbersome compensation plan and they decided to break this fear of by helping you to make it fast with their never-seen before compensation plan. 

Project 1-9-90 is a very good platform that you can make money on without much stress, there is no breaking away, nor splitting of team , you continue to earn from your team from stage one to the end, over and over, before you know it you'll be controlling thousands of dollars/euros in your account with your team.

Project 1-9-90 is design to help marketers make good money in a very short time. Truly, the name 1-9-90 is an acronym of the compensation plan. Let me break it down for you.

It is a business of three stages where the number 1-9-90 explains the compensation plan.

1:Represent You

9: Means you earn 9% from each of your first 2 upgraded persons

90: Means You earn 90% from each of the 4 people under your first 2 persons

This is an unbroken Matrix ,that duplicate your earning as you earn  In every cycle you will make  We Have 10 Stages to Cycle and the the income is calculated below 

The whole system consist of 10 different levels for you to rotationally leverage on. Below are the details;

           Pay Plan                               Here is the Level of earnings Breakdown 

1- €10 cycle to earn. €37.8 
2- €25 cycle to earn. €94.5 
3- €50 cycle to earn. €189 
4- €100 cycle to earn. €378 
5- €250 cycle to earn. €945 
6- €500 cyle to earn. €1890 
7- €1000 cycle to earn. €3780 
8- €2000 cycle to earn. €7560 
9- €4000 cycle to earn. €15120 
10- €6000 cycle to earn €22680. 

For a total earning of 378% at every level.  With one time Investment Of 10 EURO, You Earn up to 38,749 

Note in all stages of earning your downline follows you unbroken.  HOW DOES 1-9-90 WORKS ? These are the                       break down;-  You; if you register with €10 ($12), you're entitle to 1% bonus 

Two downline; what you need now is to invite just two(2) people under you, which is very easy to do, for this you're entitle to 9% each.

Indirect downline; from this stage just encourage your direct downlines to do their own as you did yours (i.e tell them to invite two-two people each under their business, 2+2=4), for this you're entitle to 90% each.

The formula is; So, you need six(6) people both direct and indirect downlines 

Direct downlines; 9%+9%=18%  

Indirect downlines; 90%+90%+90%+90%=360% Therefore,  18%+360%= 378%  €1.8 + €36= €37.8 

The next thing is move to stage two with your direct and indirect downlines and so on till stage ten(10).  

These are the summaries of your earning  Tips; make sure you have your team contacts, encourage them to work smartly also as a upline make sure to give your downlines full support in order to achives your targets very fast. 

These are the Action Steps to get You Started Immediately.  
Step 1: Fund your PerfectMoney account with $12 If you don't have Perfectmoney account, open it for free here:- 


  Step 2: Ones opened the PM account you need to fund it with $12 or 10EUR depending on the  currency your local exchanger’s funds.  
Ensure you fund $12 so that on exchanging it to EUR in your Perfectmoney account, you will have 10 EUR to make your payment on  1-9-90  
Register your 1-9-90 account, click here to 


  Step 3: Type in your desire UserNames or ID, Surname, Email etc 
Step 4: You will then get an activation email in your email for you to click and confirm your 1-9-90 account.  

You can then login with the default password sent to your email. Ones you are in your 1-9-90 account, you can then change the default password to what you want.  

Step 5: After confirmation, activate your 1-9-90 account with the €10  You then proceed to funding your account with 10 EUR through your funded Perfectmoney account opened above.  

Ones funded you are now approved/upgrade member of 1-9-90

Step 6: Immediately add your PerfectMoney Euro account number (it starts with E in your PM account) to your 1-9-90 wallet profile. Why? 1-9-90 is Automatic!! Your money are sent directly to your PM account on earning.  
Step 7: All you need to do now is to refer ONLY 2 people to register through your link and you start earning from there.  
NOTE:- The matrix structure of 1-9-90 is structured in a way that partners fall ONLY under upgraded members whether they are directly referred by them OR not!!! So even if you can’t refer, you will still be good to earn. It might just take some time unlike if you directly work it like I do.  
  Asides the normal matrix earnings, there are also special weekly bonus cash earnings for people who work the business very well.  For the best 3 promoters/workers weekly, they earn 1% of the total weekly packages sold.  Just imagine how much that equates if 1000 packages are sold weekly? Huge!!!  

So what are you waiting for? No referring required to earn  If you decide to refer, you earn very huge income too! Get your link out and give ONLY 2 people to register with!!! 

For More Information Call or Whatsapp +2348026295255 Email 

Best of Lock.

This article was published on 21.01.2016 by Ayodele Akinjobi
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