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How to Earn Cryptocurrency While You Sleep?

If you know nothing about cryptocurrency, you can still earn cryptocurrency while you sleep with our S.Y.S.T.E.M.

We use a cryptocurrency trading platform to help

every customer profit from cryptocurrency trading

simply by following a professional trader.

You do not have to know anything about cryptocurrencies!

You do not have to know anything about trading!

You do not have to give up control of your cryptocurrency!

How Do You Get Started?

You need four things to get started to earn cryptocurrency while you sleep:

1.    You need a cryptocurrency wallet.

2.    You need an account with one of the four cryptocurrency Exchanges we do business with.

3.    You need an active account with our platform and tell our platform how much you want available for each trade.

4.    You need to select one of our professional traders to follow and let our system do the trading for you.

How Do You Earn Cryptocurrency while you sleep?

When the trader you are following enters a trade, the API keys from your exchange allows the trader to trade on your behalf.

•    You will receive an email when the trader you are following enters a trade (Buy Order)

When the trader exits the trade, all profits are deposited into your wallet and become available for future trading.

•    You will receive an email when the trader you are following exits a trade (Sell Order)

Future Updates to Our Platform

•    Our platform will be upgraded to include a “TEST” button to test the connection between your Exchange and our platform prior to trading.

•    Our platform will be upgraded so that you can select how much of your profits you want to compound.

•    Our platform will be updated to include recommended strategies that if you follow, and do not make enough to cover your subion, you will not have to pay your subion until you are in profit.

Participate in our OPTIONAL Affiliate Program

Our Affiliate Program I completely optional, but many of our customers want to share once they see how easy it is to earn cryptocurrency while you sleep.

•    We pay direct referral commissions on customers/Affiliates you refer.

•    We pay indirect referrals on infinite levels once you have referred your second customer/affiliate.

•    We pay a bonus commission once you meet a certain requirement.

Our system was designed because our founder got tired of seeing honest, hard working people being taken advantage of and wanted a program that was simple and transparent, and he has over delivered on his goal.

Click the link below for a recorded overview by the company founder.

This article was published on 11.03.2021 by Steve Dobson
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