FREE **MOBILE** Business cards + make an income from sharing them


Just launched and a very professional alternative to the now old-fashioned printed business card!

Business cards have been the same for years and years. You go to the printer with your design, you pick the colour and quality of card you require and then you wait for the cards to be printed. These have been your networking tools by handing out to all prospective clients in the offline arena. Costs have varied a lot depending on the quality of business card purchased and could go as high as maybe $200-$300 for high quality gloss/photo-printed cards.

Everyone in business needs a professional business card and this product has UNIVERSAL APPEAL and it's FREE, so go and grab yours now....there is nothing to lose.

Great for friends too, where you can share all your information on ONE Digital VCard.

This MOBILE BUSINESS CARD can be shared with anyone, anytime, anywhere.

You also have a range of design themes you can choose to suit your business.

Another feature is that it is an additional method of assisting you in building your brand.

Plus there's more........this comes with an excellent affordable affiliate opportunity (no monthly fee) and provides an amazing way of getting a 'foot in the door' with a prospective client and to get a business relationship under way, after all who would not want a FREE professional MOBILE business card?

And, guess what, once you start the business relationship with providing a FREE professional mobile business card, then you will be able to promote your main business opportunity to that client.

The professionalism of this product needs to be seen to be believed and instead of just being able to hand out an offline business card, this gives multiple methods of sharing your MOBILE business card virally.

Now all networking companies teach you to approach your 'warm' market first i.e. family and friends. This is one of the things which put a lot of people off of networking, as they do not wish to alienate their friends with promoting business opportunities to them. VCard Global is an ideal non-invasive method of sending your information to friends and family and in there will be the subtle link to your business. They will come to you after they have viewed your card rather than the other way around....if you design it accordingly for their interest to be piqued in what you are doing to be successful.

So, go get your VCard for FREE and use it with friends or as an Affiliate opportunity as an additional add-on business income AND to take your main business to the next level.


Stuart Smith

This article was published on 04.10.2016 by Stuart Smith
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