Hear this; Meridain life support is legal

*No buying and selling.

…how easy can that be?

*Membership with Meridian is just N4000.

...both artisans and professionals can afford it.

Meridian has more tools for marketing.

*The Merdians system operates in dollars, and in fixed rate. …fluctuations in exchange rate doesn't affect it.

*The Meridian compensation plan is very attractive.

meridian payment system is automated and not human calculator,

*Meridian system pays instantly and not monthly

*There's No complicated rules in Meridian like "you must buy products every month" or deadline for

referring someone, etc.

*An average person will rather buy fruits than buy foreign food supplement which are often expensive.

Meridian helps the less privileged in the society

*Meridian involves team work and an opportunity to build your leadership and

business skills.

Meridian business is a rebranded Network marketing business and it's here to stay.  It is a 21st century profession that is helping people to combine it with their careers. Meridians Life Support Foundation (MELISFON), is a registered Indigenous Company that has been in existence since 2004. The sole aim was based on the 14 Organs that supports the existence of man. 

In Meridian, you can make it without renting of shop. You can organise/attend seminars whenever you chose to.  

meridian centers are everywhere in different towns and cities in Nigeria .

In meridian, no LG council tax, no importation duties is a business of relationships. 

Want to know more? Chat me 08185684514, 08155772288 

Members of MELIS Foundation enjoy constant entrepreneurial training especially on several types of skills which includes: Air freshener, Body perfume/body spray, Germicide (Izal), Antiseptic (Dettol), Liquid Soap (instant method), Liquid Soap (Soak method), Tablet/Bar Soap, Stain Remove (Bleach), Toilet Wash, Car wash, Hair Shampoo, Hair Conditioner, Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline), Body Cream, Hair Cream, Medicated anti dandruff Hair Cream, Insecticide, Custard, Dustin Powder, White Powder, Chocolate Ice Cream, Banana Ice Cream, Best Ice Cream, After shave, Paint Making, Bead making, Hat making, Biscuit production etc.

All members members enjoy quarterly free medical services. These medical services range from, Dental treatment, eye test and medications, blood & sugar level examination, heart & kidney check up etc.

Humanitarian services benefit both members and none members which includes the less privileged, widows, orphans, sick people etc.

Meridian life support foundation trains leaders in the network field through it,s vision and philosophy and the company builds future around them so that they can impact the world.

This article was published on 07.06.2016 by Don Dicef
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