Why do more than 2 million customers World wide trust Global InterGold?

6 Reasons to why YOU should do business with Global InterGold !

World wide business

  1. Gold is a luxurious product. Gold prices reached 1,300 EUR in June. Why the demand is so high among people who don't know much about economy? Gold protects money from inflation, the money with which you buy gold doesn't lose its value over time. Gold secure your savings.
  2. Start business with a minimum of cash !  The company's system to buy and sell gold bars was developed to give the same opportunity to everybody regardless of their economic situation. If you could have gold for free, would you say NO? The marketing program was created so anyone could buy gold from the small amount of 150 EUR. This marketing program allows customers to buy gold by paying a small prepayment and offsetting the cost through successful recommendations of the company.
  3. Most customers earn well. Customers' reviews about the company are a window to see gold business from the point of view. Watch this video where one of the most outstanding leaders of Global InterGold tells how long it took him to earn his first million of euros!
  4. Get FREE business education.  Successful clients are always happy to share their experience and expertise with other clients. Educational videos available on YouTube. People registered in the Online Gold Shop have also access to official promotional materials.  Our clients organize events worldwide in which attendees learn more information about gold business. If you think these events take place far away, take a look at the first of countries where there have been events in 2016: Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Spain, Russia, France, Italy and Lithuania. If you type “Global InterGold *your country*” in any search engine, you will easily find information on the company's events in your region.
  5. To do business with Global InterGold, clients only need Internet access.  The business is developed on-line, therefore clients can work from anywhere in the world. It is available on line business tools and together with social networks, you can create an international team of business people.
  6. An interesting compensation plan give you high value.  The company organizes competitions with incredible awards. For example, the winners of the Global 100 contest receive 1 ounce, 50 g and 100 g gold bars from the Online Gold Shop. What a worthy incentive to grow your business, isn't it? The company offers many prizes for the clients who show outstanding results.  It is FREE to register here:
This article was published on 17.07.2016 by Johnny Sneisen
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