No pain no gain!

Dear Associates,

TO be successful online. We must work for businesses like it's a job.

Sometimes it is not a fun thing to do, but it must be done anyway.

You never know if it's going to be the next phone call or not, when you find that perfect person

and everything is just the perfect fit for them.

Are ad rotator, which by the way, is not a machine that rotates ads, but a movement away from working for a company that has you pay first. The philosophy at ad rotator is that you make money first before the company does.

There are so many people that need help. They've been working online for years. Tried everything, and haven't found any success. They've made less than $100 in a year's time.

95% of the people that have a business online make less than $100 in a year!

If you have a very successful business online, you should consider yourself really lucky.

But we know it wasn't luck that you worked very hard to get where you're at now.

And that you help other people achieve the success is share enjoying now.

That is the joy of everyone and at ad rotator, only find someone who's never enjoyed any success online.

The come and ad rotator and begin to make money, there's a whole change in their demeanor,

I feel really great really good about themselves, they can see it in the way that they hold themselves.

Ad rotator was designed so that we can leverage a little bit of money $67 to be exact into large amounts.

We talked about the people that have been trying to work online and haven't had much success.

But I've been told that there can give 15,000 people a day going online for the first time to look for work on the Internet.

We are told in the next few years every one will be working online. So there is a huge stream of people coming in every day.

Thinking of that as a waterfall waterfall from  Google, of thousands of people going to Google in writing in about work from home, make money online, be my own boss.

The training that we are receiving at ad rotator, does not put us under the waterfall. But on a rock nearby.

So we're taught how to get just a little bit wet, and that little bit wet is about all the business we can handle.

And that's what they're teaching the  beginners, imagine what they have in store for his old-timers.

That brings us to the executive Council, the second tier of ad rotator, you cannot become an executive in less your successful. Up until the executive level, everyone makes 100% to the money!

That is not until the executive level, the company makes any money at all.

And the executive level is also one up, just like to first level you give your first executive sell Sponsor.

Once you become a qualified executive, then you begin to feel residual income that will last for years and years.

But that is not the greatest benefit of the executive level, because the greatest benefit is that there are special classes, just for the executives, with the most intense training is given in thoughts and ideas, I wish I could share with you.

But you have to become an executive in order to access those teachings. But let me tell you they are out of this world stuff you've never heard that okay how seasoned you are.

So that's why we are calling ad rotator a movement! It is a movement away from the norm, and into the most advanced type of home-based business.

Business that is guaranteed to change many lines, it really isn't a business at all, it's a way of life!

It is everyone helping each other achieve success with their online business!

We believe the ad rotator will become a household word, like McDonald's, A billion helped!

It will not be easy! Everyone is going to have to work like a mad dog to pull it off!

But as the old saying goes, no pain no gain! You have to work till it hurts!

And we will all make mistakes, and will learn from them. Seems it's the only way I learn !

There was an old Indian tribe. I can't remember which one, but their motto was,

get up today and make 10 mistakes!

The story of the old Indian lady sitting by the fire and told the young girl there at, there was nothing else in the world that she needed to know. She had learned everything that there is know and choose content now 

to die! The old woman decided that she would have a smoke, and she asked the young woman put a ember and a pipe to light it, the young woman taking the pipe, licked her fingers and tipped them in the ashes.

And picked up array out call and placed it in the pipe, then handed it back to the old woman.

The old woman was astounded, she had never seen it done before. And she told the young woman so.

He said I thought I knew everything but now I see you there are things I do not know!

No matter how seasoned we are about working online, there are always new things to learn.

In fact, someone somewhere is thinking some new stuff up right now guaranteed!

So I extended my invitation to you, to join with us at ad rotator ! Get the training of a lifetime, training that can be used to promote any business or any product!

The first product you will receive is 12 ways to make your Facebook page go viral!

Please come to my site must 20 minute video, and have any questions. I'm be glad to answer them,

your friend and well wisher,

Coach James 503 919-5123


This article was published on 03.01.2016 by James Seal
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