Good morning (or evening depending on where you are) everyone. I hope you are all having a great day and an amazing 2016. I have had several people message me on here to ask when I will do part 3 of my "I am Me" series. WOW! I thought it would bore people to death so thanks guys and I will attend to it soon you masochists you.

Today though I want to make an offer to a go-getter out there.

As you know I am a member of 25 Dollar Legacy, a superb Platform that's been running just over a month now and is making its participants lots of money. It costs $25 monthly to be a member and for this you get some amazing professional marketing tools and, of course, VERY high earning potential. I have yet to meet any member who has had to pay the $25 more than once from their own pocket. As soon as just TWO people come on board with you you ARE IN PROFIT EACH MONTH and all future payments come from your earnings. I am personally over $1,200 up so far. I urge EVERYONE to join 25 Dollar Legacy.

So what is my offer?

Well I realise that some people fall into the group I call "Procrastinators" (see my earlier announcement on here) and so I am going to make an offer to PAY IT FORWARD for someone. All you need to do is register with 25 Dollar Legacy  (which is free) by CLICKING HERE and then, in your back office you will see "Your Enroller's ID" and next to a little envelope icon. Click this and an email form will open. Now write me a short email telling me why you think I should invest $25 of my own money in YOU. Do this before 2nd June 2016 and for the best one or two I WILL PAY YOUR FIRST MONTHS FEES FOR YOU.


This gives you an entire month free to get just 2 people on board and make your membership free. You will not get a better opportunity to see just how good 25 DL actually is and the high level of training webinars and support that are available to members. Not to mention the fantastic marketing tools.

I believe in helping people in this industry because it all revolves around teams and teamwork and if we help each other we will all benefit. I think if I get you a free month then you will make the effort to get not just 2 people on your team but maybe even 20. If you can't get 2 in a month then perhaps you should be looking at a different kind of way to spend your time :-)

Why is 25 Dollar legacy different to all the rest? Well for one it's founders developed it from over 30 years of experience, trial and error to be accessible and sustainable for almost anyone. They researched what people wanted in a matrix based platform and crammed it all in there. YOU GET PAID on everyone who enters your matrix no matter who introduces them BUT you also get paid a bonus for those that you personally introduce and the matrices are small and therefore fast to fill and start earning from. It has everything a marketer wants whether they are a novice or already earning 6 figures a year.

So go and sign up free now and I look forward to your email.

CLICK HERE to sign up FREE *offer has now expired but please join anyway - you WILL make money

To your success always


This article was published on 31.05.2016 by John Ward
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John Ward Hi Don. This is a public comments section but you can email me at mlmbalijohn@gmail.com if you wish  1 year ago
Don Evans Hi John. Can what I say here be seen by anyone or just by you?  1 year ago
John Ward I am extending this to the Next 5 people who register at 25DL :-)  1 year ago

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