Take 8 minutes of your time to Read this carefully to have full understanding on how your helping hands international h2i business will grow to your profit if you apply the required H2i biz plan.

Helping hands international H2i is an international NGO. Which is in Africa to help people achieve their desired dreams shortly if you follow their business plan. 

As soon as u register as a H2i partner with your one time registration fee of #6600, then, you're required to get 2 persons to join the organization as u did and the 2 are also required to get their 2 at this point the h2i matrix system will move your H2I acc to stage 2 and u will earn $58 in ur h2i account. 

Once you become a h2i member, you will be entitled for a free Skill acquisition of your choice.

as a h2i member, you can participate in any h2i Skill acquisition program in any place it is taking place free and at the end of the program, a diploma certificate will be given to u. 

The h2i free trade and skill acquisition courses include:

-Computer Appreciation -Website Design -Fish/ Poultry farming -Soap Insecticides -Perfume production -Bead and Hat making -Paint production -Car tracking etc. 

Here are few photos of the recent h2i Skill acquisition program below .

You also get Certificate at the end of the training.

Note that the H2i matrix business plan is structured in stages, as you register, you'll be in stage 1 and as soon as 6 person register under or after you, you'll,the system will move your account to stage2. 

In the stage2 matrix ,,, your H2i stage2 matrix will require 62 persons to join u there in stage2 from ur stage1 matrix and u move to Stage3. 

Note this 62 persons are not you that will bring /refer them, the 62 persons is made up from people who people under you brought and the people you and your upliner will register after you've brought first 6/2 and you decide to bring in more people. 

Where your effort is needed mostly in this business is to start and get your 2/6 people and then your h2i network will start growing irrespective of your presence.  

Further explanation of the h2i matrix and your earnings are listed below: 

Note again Is only 62 people u will need in your h2i stage2, stage 3and stage 4 matrix board each respectively. These 62 people are still your downlines in stage1 and 2 and their downlines that will be filling up your h2i matrices.  

Stage 1, you need =6 people under u and you earn $26/$58 And move to stage 2


Then you're pushed to stage2

The stage2 matrix board is structured into levels,  

from level 1 to 5 

Here are the levels with their number of people and ur earnings:

* Stage 2 level 1 is = 2 people $0

* Stage 2 level 2 = 4 people $100

* Stage 2 level 3 = 8 people $200

* Stage 2 level 4 = 16 people $300

* Stage 2 level 5 = 32 people $400 + a HP Laptop

This article was published on 15.08.2016 by Sani Yakubu
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Helping Hands International - Humanitarian Service, 40 USD to join

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