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This is ALL it takes to AUTOMATE your ETHEREUM while you sleep.

The Next Big Thing-FORSAGE:Forsagewas created on the blockchain on 6th February, 2020. So, you are priviledged to have gotten this info at this early stage because they say 'things come to Africa so late'.. . We are over 102,000+ members around the world at the moment(this happens in the space of two months) and this is your time to be liberated financially....Since my years online, I have never seen a solid and life transforming project as this online that is giving hope. Our confidence is the fact that is built on a blockchain technology and your earnings come to you directly without waiting to initiate withdrawal.

Our Confidence

It is built on blockchain technology. It solves the inherent challenges associated with conventional crowd funding platforms.

What are the benefits of Forsage?

Recurring Income Without a Job

You are in control of your money

It is has compounding element, thus little effort can result to outstanding success

Instant Pay Direct to you

Your Money can not be Stolen

A Platform that can work with no website

Provides 24 simultaneous sources of Income

Will last as long as the internet exists

Everyone wins through Team Building

Recruiting is Optional

But if you share you Make Much More

No admin fees

One-time low cost with No Monthly Payments

Boost earnings 4x's using strategy.

It is secure and safe


The system is designed for everybody to make money and those who are ready to build will make much more money.

While you are building, please dont be self centred, support those who seem to be weak, and once they are happy making money, they will also boost your earnings.

There are two packages:

I. Forsage x3

ii. Forsage x4

Your one time payment of 0.053 ethereum (#6k or $12) buys the two above packages. Even while you decide to buy(upgrade to) higher levels, the two packages are important.

Forsage x3:requires three people under you to pay you (one of the three persons' fund will be used to reactivate the same level to be paying you). These three people will continue to pay you from level 1 to 12 if you help them succeed. So work closely with them and ensure they make much money. What you teach them, they will extend to others.

This article was published on 10.09.2018 by Gabby Pillar
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